New 2009 Multicade Now with 60 Games

Excuse the quality of the picture, the machine is beautiful, high quality in every way. Brand New with 60 of the most popular classic games of the 80's. Bring back all those childhood memories. Believe it or not your kids today will love these games too. No game room should be without one. These are commercial coin operated machines. These retail from $3195 to $3895 in most retailers. We are offering this machine today for $2995 the latest 2009 Model and FREE SHIPPING ($350+ Savings). Pay by Check, Cash or Bankwire and get another 10% Discount bringing the cost of this game to $2695.50 Delivered. You may pay by credit card via Paypal but will not receive the 10% discount.

CALL 1-800-966-9873 EXT 209

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