Guitarist Slash Makes Music For New NASCAR Game

Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash will make his first foray into video game music on an upcoming EA Sports NASCAR game, due later this year. "There will be theme music," he tells Billboard.com. "No words or anything like that, because there is dialogue all the way through. This will be background music for the whole game.""I've never been a video game guy, but they sent me their last NASCAR game and I had to learn how to use it," he continues. "It's not unlike doing pinball machines, which I did back in the Guns [N' Roses] days. You have different modes you go into, depending on what you do, and the music changes."

Velvet Revolver begins a new round of North American dates Saturday (March 19) in Phoenix.-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.


Second Annual Fairfax Pinball Open

The Second-Annual Fairfax Pinball Open is a competitive pinball event for players of various skill levels, scheduled for March 18-20, with the main tournament taking place on Saturday, March 19. Between 12 and 15 top-quality pinball machines will be on hand at John's Place at 11104 Lee Highway in Fairfax, near Kamp Washington. No charge for admission, and folks can play the pinball machines for quarters even without entering the tournament events. Visit www.virginiapinball.org.


Interesting Facts About Stern Pinball Machines

STERN PINBALL, INC. is the only manufacturer of coin-op pinball machines on the planet Earth today.
Data East Pinball was incorporated in November of 1986. Sega bought Data East Pinball in 1994. STERN bought Sega Pinball in 1999. Gary Stern has been the President of the company throughout.
The STERN factory is housed in a single 40,000 sq. foot building in Melrose Park, IL.
Typical design time for a game is 1 year.
A typical design team consists of a game designer, software engineers, mechanical engineers, bill of materials personnel, artists, a sound engineer, a dot matrix display artist, and other complimentary staff.
STERN engineers use 3-D modeling to create many of the parts for a game.
STERN makes roughly 3 new models a year, with production supplemented by previously made models.
Employee core staff is 56 people, augmented by agency help on the factory floor.
STERN currently makes 55 games a day.
STERN pinball machines offer speech, dot matrix, manuals, and instruction cards in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
Spanish speech is also available is the U.S., and French speech in Canada.
There is an average of 15 songs in a pinball machine.
There are about 3500 parts in a pinball machine.
There are about 1200 screws, nuts, and washers in a game.
There are approx. 115 lights in a game.
There can be up to 72 switches in a game.
There can be up to 24 coils and 8 flash lamps in a game.
There is about 1/2 mile of wire in a pinball machine.
There are approx. 100 connectors in a game.
There are approx. 357 tie wraps in a game.
There are approx. 88 terminals in a game.
There are about 33 assemblies in the game (e.g. flippers, slingshots, bumpers, etc.)



A&E has acquired the rights to re-run...... The Sopranos

A&E has acquired the right to re-run THE SOPRANOS®April 4, 2003 - The cable network Arts & Entertainment (A&E) has acquired the right to re-run THE SOPRANOS television program from HBO for more than $2.5 million per episode. A&E will begin broadcasting HBO's most popular show in the fall of next year and will retain exclusive rights for four years. At $2.5 million per episode, A&E has agreed to pay more than $162.5 million for the 65 episodes of THE SOPRANOS® series' first five seasons and $25 million more for the original episodes of the sixth season. Season six is scheduled for first run on HBO early next year. A&E would also have rights to reruns of a 7th season if that hoped for season materializes. The $2.5 million an episode price is reported to be a record for a drama sold into syndication.
This is a great sign for THE SOPRANOS® pinball machine, Stern's latest game. A&E's purchase will give the show greater and longer exposure. In turn, even more people will know and play THE SOPRANOS® pinball machine for its great characters, action, and drama, as taken directly from the show. This guarantees the longevity of THE SOPRANOS® pinball, plus its high resale value into the home market after it has earned for operators over many years. Featuring Tony Soprano, his immediate family and business "family", THE SOPRANOS® pinball machine challenges the player to rise through the ranks to Boss. THE SOPRANOS® pinball also has elements from the show, including the dancing girls of the Bada Bing!; Tony Soprano's boat, The Stugots, with a classic multi-ball feature; a safe that cracks open after being whacked by the ball; and the talking fish from Season Two that always jokes around with the player. THE SOPRANOS® pinball features the real voices of many characters on the show, including Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), Silvio (Steven Van Zandt), Carmela Soprano (Edie Falco), Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior), Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy). The pinball machine also plays THE SOPRANOS® classic theme song, "Woke Up This Morning," during game play. Pinball Hall of Fame artist Kevin O'Connor arted the playfield, while the cabinet and backglass artwork are taken directly from original HBO promotional art. THE SOPRANOS® pinball machine is definitely the most exciting "family" pinball to come along in years!


Pinball, Pinball, Pinball Show on Tour

Pinball, Pinball, Pinball, is running at Eastern Michigan UniversityApril 4, 2003 - Pinball, Pinball, Pinball, a history and retrospective of pinball machines and pinball artists, is running at the Ford Gallery (114 Ford Hall) on the campus of Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan from February 1 to February 25. The show is co-curated by pinball enthusiast David Silverman and Eastern Michigan Art Professor Richard Rubenfeld. Pinball, Pinball, Pinball will then travel to the Riverside Art Gallery at 76 North Huron Street in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The show runs from March 2 through March 29. Riverside Gallery is open Wednesday, Noon to 6PM; Thursday to Saturday, Noon to 9PM; and Sunday, 1:30 to 4PM.Pinball, Pinball, Pinball is an exhibition of pinball machines, backglasses, and other pinball rarities from David F. Silverman. Visitors will see early pinball machines from the time the flipper was created all the way through the machines of today. They will experience the extensive variety of pinball themes, including card games, sports, and film, as well as the many types of artwork used by the great pinball artists.Gary Stern says, "Pinball, Pinball, Pinball is one more event demonstrating the continuing strong interest in pinball."Visitors to Pinball, Pinball, Pinball are often the sort of people who purchase games for their homes, when operators are done with them, sometimes at higher prices than originally paid by the operators.Ford Gallery is open Monday and Thursday, 10AM to 5PM; Tuesday and Wednesday, 10AM to 7PM; and Friday and Saturday, 10AM to 2PM. For further information, contact Larry Newhouse (734-487-0465; larry.newhouse@emich.edu) or Richard Rubenfeld (734-487-1268; richardrubenfeld@emich.edu).


Game Gallery Auction Coming Soon

The Game Gallery is launching it's own auction for it's products on their website in the next coming weeks. Please sign up and leave us your e-mail address at http://www.homegameroom.com/mailme2.htm and we will notify you when the auctions begin.


Gaming Company Claims To Be "Worlds Largest Gaming Superstore"

We have customers calling us all the time about claims that a company BMI Gaming claims to make. Anyway if you do a google search on them http://groups-beta.google.com/groups?q=bmigaming I guess the facts speak for themselves and this should answer all your questions.


Crooks and Scams To Look Out For

The Worst of the Worst--Certified Crooks
Below we have listed those who are actively being sought by law enforcement, or have an legal judgement against them. Do not deal with these people--CALL THE POLICE!If you know someone who should be listed below please let us know. It is very hard to get on this list. Everyone has sold a 'lemon', or has had a deal go sour. Honest individuals will try hard to compensate for these things happening. Dishonest people make a living doing this. Please do not nominate someone because they shipped you something and it had a scratch on it.
Names or alias: Mark Uttley, Marc Uterly, Mark Seed, Marc, Mark Bridges, David Simmonds, Doug, NeetStuff4u, Dave, David, Ann Seed. Sometimes uses friend's name--Ross. Sometimes uses an innocent individual, Tim Vandalen, to help him with machines.Business Names: Mr. Amusement Canada, MDU Electronics, King Amusements (worked for the owner, David King, for a while), Pinballs Are Us (NOT RELATED to the Atlanta, Georgia-based company which runs PinballsAreUs.com)Phone: 1-519-648-2039, 1-905-547-4592, 1-905-523-1406, 1-519-648-3475, 1-905-659-0054, 1-905-547-6122 (King Amusements), 1-905-920-1829 (Cell), 1-905-549-0748 (4/01), 1-905-574-3867 (Tim Vandalen 6/01), 1-905-690-3032 (8/03), 1-905-690-0962 (Dave Simmonds 2/04 or Doug 4/04, Dave/David 10/04), 1-289-439-9600 (Ann 11/04)Location: mail box in Hamilton (and/or Puslinch) Ontario, Canada. Brantford, Ontario, Canada (although phone given was a Hamilton number.) Burlington, Ontario, Canada LOR 1H2 (10/04).Also has been to auction in Starburst.Mailing addresses used are:4-58 Burris St or58 Burris StHamiltonOntario L8M 2J4Canadaor21 Meaghan StreetWaterdown, Ontario L0R 2H5CanadaEmail: mechmel@aol.com, wass@mail.on.rogers.wave.ca, pinballsareus@aol.com, audiothile@sympatico.ca, m.uttley@sympatico.ca, neetstuff4u@msn.com, stereophonic73@msn.comMark is known in his local area as a 'lying thief.' When a call was made to defend Mark in rec.games.pinball, no one stepped forward to say anything good about him. Only horror stories have come forth.Mark often pops up on-line under a new alias often claiming to have rare and mint condition games and parts and located in Ontario, Canada.Mark is accused of mail fraud. He accepted payment for the following items from three different customers and did not ship:
NOS Eight Ball Deluxe playfield
Eight Ball DeLuxe pop bumper cap
The right lane clear plastic lane divider (divides outlane and flipper return lane)
Bally lockbar
NOS Comet playfield
display driver board for Black Knight These represent several hundreds of dollars of parts. This is only a partial list of items fraudulently 'sold' by Mr. Uttley. If Mark chooses to make good on these and other 'sales' by providing restitution, this entry in the blacklist will be gladly dropped, and apologies issued.
Names or alias: Stefan Desimone, Mike Diano, Steven Diano, David GasperBusiness Names: none-usedAge: 36 (in December 2003, birthdate is unknown)Race: CaucasianPhone: (617) 331-0655 (cell?), (401) 274-6044, (401) 480-8915, (401) 621-1662 (most current, using alias David Gasper)Locations: Boston, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; Pawtucket, Rhode Island; Warwick, Rhode Island; Port Orange, FloridaMailing addresses:8 Park Plaza #176, Boston MA 02116 USA86 Jewett St., Providence, RI 02908 USA717 Niver St., Port Orange, FL 32127 USA1 Waycross Dr., Warwick, RI 02888 USAPostal Center USA, 695 Beverage Hill Dr., Suite 214, Pawtucket, RI 02861 USABank: (used for receiving wired money)Bank Boston116 Cambridge St.Boston, MA 02114Acct. #011000390-18727238 under the name 'Stefan Defimone'Email: kisskreak@prodigy.net, lotofink@aol.com, kiss@aol.com, k1ssrocks@aol.com, acekiss1@aol.com, stixiv@aol.com, (claimed that he used to own stefspinball.com)Other: He claims to have a brother who works for the Boston Transit Authority on a project called 'Big Dig'.Apparently, at least one other person exists by this name and has been contacted already about the criminal.Mr. Desimone is wanted by the FBI in Rhode Island (he has 3 outstanding warrants there), warrants in California, and he's been jailed in Florida. He has duped several people by claiming to have certain items for sale, not just pinball items. After receiving payment he disappears and of course does not ship. He is accused of fraudulently selling at least the following:
1994 Data East Tommy pinball machine
1982 Gottlieb Haunted House pinball machine
1996 Capcom Big Bang Bar pinball machine
KISS memorabilia
Automobile parts This is only a partial list of items fraudulently 'sold' by Mr. Desimone. If Stefan chooses to make good on these and other 'sales' by providing restitution, this entry in the blacklist will be gladly dropped, and apologies issued.If you have more information about Mr. Desimone please contact any of the following:Beverly Bartzer, FBI--Rhode Island, 401-272-8310, Fax 401-272-8335Providence RI Police, 401-272-3121Pawtucket RI Police, pawtpd@ids.net, 401-727-9100On April 28, 2003 Mr. Desimone was released from Federal Prison where his Federal Inmate Number is 04830-070. His current location is unknown.
Names or alias: Ray E. Dequenne Sr.Business Names: Ray E. Dequenne Sr. DistributingPhone: (814) 634-0908Locations: Garret, Pennsylvania; Newark, New Jersey, USAMailing addresses:3401 Mason Dixon Hwy, Garret, PA 15542-8506Email: redequenne@aol.com, redequenne3@cs.comMr. Dequenne has numerous liens against him for thousands of dollars. He has declared bankruptcy and has defaulted on a number of loans. He says that any assets that he has he keeps in his son-in-law's name to avoid any claims against him. He has threatened at least one individual with harm if he pursued a sheriff's sale or criminal charges.A judgement on April 9, 1999, was for $6,000.00 which was received by Mr. Dequenne on January 13, 1999 for 4 pinball machines, including delivery, which were never delivered.Mr. Dequenne resurfaced on August 8, 2000 attempting to sell a 1980 Bally Dixieland (bingo) pinball using his PA phone number, but a location of Newark, NJ.Mr. Dequenne in early 2001 was listed as a Pennsylvania distributor and in late 2001 is listed in the REPLAY and PLAYMETER directory issues, but was not supposed to be. He currently does not claim to be an authorized distributor of any factories but advertises gaming-styled machines. In early 2002 he is using his latest email address with cs.com.
Names or alias: Wayne Randolph Hendler Jr., Randy Buffalo, Randy FayeBusiness Names: Buffalo ShippingPhone: (919) 365-3288 (disconnected 7/28/00)Locations: Zebulon, North Carolina; Apopka, Florida; Pompano Beach, Florida; Rumor is that he is currently in jail for an unrelated domestic charge.Mailing addresses:Rhonda Faye, P.O. Box 1272, Zebulon, NC 275971000 Gunwale Court, Wendell, NC 27591 (may be living here)2923 Hanover Court, Apopka, FL 32703-4968 (may be his father's address)17179 S. Main St., Pompano Beach, FL (may be living here)Other ID: Florida Drivers License Number is H53489669220Email: buffalofan@mindspring.com, and some anonymous accounts.Mr. Hendler's business, Buffalo Shipping, seemed to start out as legitimate. He started moving coin-op machines, mostly videos and pinballs, and was so successful that demand was greater than he could handle. He hired drivers and rented trucks to keep up with demand. After a while, the hired drivers started leaving, claiming that they were not paid. He ended up with a situation where he had dozens of machines scattered around the country waiting to be delivered and he had no money to do so. Complaints were filed and Mr. Hendler became hard-to-find.At one time Buffalo Shipping had games stored at Cornerstone Storage 919-365-6448 on Highway 97 in Wendell, NC. It is unknown whether any games are still there.APOP became aware of the locations of some of the machines and was able to raise donations to pay for discounted delivery using other freight companies for most of the stranded machines. APOP's effort is now over and a few machines are still to be located and shipped to their owners.The FBI has been contacted and is investigating the case. The FBI case number is I00072118278698.If you have been taken by Mr. Hendler/Buffalo Shipping and would like to add your complaint to the FBI case, contact them at internetfraud%40ifccfbi.gov.Prior to the pinball and arcade transportation scam, Mr. Hendler operated by 'repairing' washers, refrigerators and selling them through classified ads. Has a violent temper, but first comes across as your best friend.Mr. Hendler's next court date is August 8, 2001 at the Wake County Courthouse in North Carolina (919) 755-4107. If you have a complaint you may be able to have him served papers at that time.
Names or alias: Paul Hyden, Andrew Hyden, David Cope, AaronBusiness Names: Daredevil AmusementsPhone: 706-549-3570, 706-714-4104Locations: 'Near Atlanta'; Athens, Georgia.Mailing addresses:105 E. Whitehall Rd., Athens, GA 30605 (now obviously abandoned)960 Oconee, Athens, GAEmail: paulsgameroom@yahoo.com, andrew_hyden@yahoo.com, daredevil_amusement@yahoo.com, sexybarry34@hotmail.com.Paul and David Cope contacted several people who were seeking unusual pinball parts, older backglasses and playfields, and took their money and didn't ship anything. Paul may have used the alias of Andrew Hyden. David Cope appears to be a separate individual that is also involved.On September 5, 2001 several customers were contacted by someone claiming to be Paul's brother Andrew stating that Paul was killed in a motorcycle accident on August 23, 2001 and that he was settling Paul's remaining business. However, one customer received his last email from Paul on August 24. Another customer last had contact with Paul in mid-September 2001 and his money order was cashed on September 28, 2001. No one has received refunds or merchandise.Mr. Cope is now in the Athens-Clarke County Jail in Georgia. Mr. Paul Hyden is being investigated.If you have been taken by someone that matches this description, please contact us and we will refer you to the detective working on the case.
Names or alias: Ivo Jebsen, Martin JebsenAge: 36 (in April 2004) Locations: Calgary, Alberta, CanadaeBay ID: pinsnvidsguyMr. Jebsen defrauded several pinball collectors via eBay. He sold non-existing pinball/arcade machines. He was suspended by eBay for fraud. He was arrested by Calgary Police on April 28, 2004 and charged with fifteen counts of pinball/arcade-related fraud. His case is pending before the courts and a conviction is expected.Mr. Jebsen also was being sought regarding automobile-related fraud where he would offer auto repairs for a steep discount, take a down payment for the needed "parts", and then turn around and sell the car to a second victim!In December 2004, Mr. Jebsen was active in some arcade machine-related business. It is unknown as to whether fraud was intended as the deal was terminated due to the potential victim becoming aware of Mr. Jebsen's previous activities through this web page. If you have more information about this individual, contact Calgary Police, Cst. J. Guigon or Cst. A. Martin at Distict 3, 1-403-284-3393.
Names or alias: Remus Daniel Marin, John Fennema, Andy Croft, Karl DenilsonLocation: London, United Kingdom, ORAve. Gregorio Gea; Nr.20, Pta.20Mislata-Valencia46046SpainEmail: karldenilsonk@yahoo.com, coinchoiui@yahoo.comThis person or persons have been accused of running a scam by advertising an Addams Family GOLD pinball and not delivering after receiving payment. This scam was run in October 2004. The thief appears to be located in Spain as the money was wired to a bank in Valencia, Spain.
The Probably Bad--Almost Crooks
Below we have listed those who are currently being investigated by law
enforcement, or have someone initiating legal judgement against them. We
advise against dealing with these people.
If you are aware of any incorrect information listed below or have
additional information we should include please contact us.
Common ScamsBelow are listed a few popular scams to watch for. We have no names for the individuals that run these, so you'll just have to be careful and watch for these. Like most scams, these prey upon people's eagerness to get more than they deserve. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it is likely a scam. Please don't report names and email addresses for these scams to us. The names are always phoney, and the email addresses are always temporary throw away ones anyway.
Cashiers Check Fraud--This scam starts with someone offering you a substantial amount over what is fair for an item you have for sale. Their excuse being that they received too much money from a contract or whatever, and you can help them out. Not only will they pay extra for the item, they'll send you several hundred or thousands more and you'll just need to refund the extra to them. They'll send you a forged cashier's check (they don't tell you it's bad) and you're supposed to deposit the check and wire the overpayment amount to their foreign bank. A week or two later when your bank discovers the forgery, they charge your account for the full amount and you're out the item and the amount you wired them!This scam is usually run from outside the US, often from Nigeria, other West African countries, or even Europe, so prosecution is impossible in most cases. If you send these thieves your pinball machine you'll be depressed to know that they are not only enjoying your machine, but are spending your money. If you send them parts, then you can rest assured that they'll have no use for the parts and will throw them away.The following is the text of an email sent to someone who posted a playfield for sale on Mr. Pinball so you know what the scam looks like (the details have been changed to protect the innocent and mock the guilty.)Subj: Re: INTERESTED!!! Buck Rogers playfield
Date: 2/4/2003 12:09:07 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: sinnoe_murk@yahoo.com.uk
To: victim@victim.isp
Thanks for your mail. i will instruct a client of mine who is owing me
$4,000 to issue a cashiers check in your name and once the check clears your
bank, you deduct cost of the goods and my balance is sent back to me through
western union money transfer or money gram transfer. I will send you enoung
money that will cover both shipping and handing. as soon as the check is
sent out to you, i shall let you know. I want you to send it through a
courier service and deduct the money from my check, the delivery address is
to personal assistance who will be at hand to received the goods and the money.
For more details on this and other potential scams and who to contact if you've fallen for this see the Iowa State Attorney General's Nigeria Counterfeit Check Scam web page.Another popular scam arises on eBay (a stolen good account) or elsewhere when someone outside the US (England, Romania, Africa, anywhere!) offers to sell a very expensive game for a huge discount. Be very cautious and suspicious about deals with individuals outside the US, especially when popular machines are heavily discounted. These theives are counting on suckers who are stupid, impatient, and/or greedy. A legitimate buyer or seller is not in so much of a hurry that they have to have money wired to them using Western Union.For other popular scams see Snopes Urban Legend Scams, Scam-o-rama, and Quatloos.
If you have been taken by someone and would like to file charges, be sure to save evidence related to your situation. Evidence may include canceled checks, credit card receipts, phone bills, faxes, pamphlets or brochures, mailing envelopes, certified or other mail receipts, a printed copy of a Web site, chat room, or newsgroup text, or similar items. Keep items in a safe location until you are requested to provide them for investigative or prosecutive evidence. If requested to provide evidence, only send copies, not originals.If your case involves US Mail in any way (payment or solicitation) the USPS would like to know and may prosecute.


Service and Repair Information

The Game Gallery Service Rates and Information
We service everything we sell as well as everything we did not sell. Meaning if you bought a machine off ebay or some other auction or individual most likely we will be seeing you for service. That's just a little joke but so true. We get a lot of our service business this way. As far as what we sell, all our machines come with a 90 days parts warranty on most used items and 90 days - 1 year on new items.
Labor is never covered under our warranty unless you receive the machine not working and then we will come and service it in our area or if you are out of our area you can or we will help you find a tech and we will cover up to $150 of the labor cost. Our labor service rates are as follows: $65/hr plus parts in-house 1 hr min. (meaning you bring, ship or have us pick up machine and bring into our shop), $85/hr plus parts outside 1 hr min. ( meaning we do house calls and we charge for all driving time to and from as well as time spent on location). If any deliveries or pick ups require upstairs or down stairs delivery there is additional charges of the $100 per machine for that service and we will need to send two men.
We will go as far as 3 hours from our Tampa facility to make outside service calls. We also can pick up and re-deliver your machines you need repaired or shopped out and those rates are $65/hr for driving time to and from location. Also for our far away customers that wish to have us fly to them and service their machines we will do that at a rate of $150/day/tech plus all related hotel, travel and food expenses.

Before you start kicking and beating the machine We do provide free tech support to any customer via telephone toll free on any machines bought from us. You will need to provide date of purchase and serial number of machine for this free service. If need be we will assist in locating a tech in your area if we can not get the problem handled over the phone. There may be times when our tech will need you to go into machine and remove parts to send to us. If you don't feel comfortable doing that you will need to find tech in your area to do so. There are many places now to find tech support and sources on how to repair and maintain your machines. You can find some of those sources on our home page under related links.
We realize we are in the service business. We're not here just to sell you a machine and never here from you again. We know we will here from you, and we will be here glad to help you in any way we can.



Tampa Bay Online Auction - Game Gallery Auctions Items

This week the Tampa Tribune and www.TBO.com are auctioning off hundreds of items. The Game Gallery donated 2 brand new Ms Pac/Galaga combo games and 2 brand new Brazza Billiard Tables. Go to www.TBO.com and search 'auction' right now and try to get these items at a great price. Lot's of other great items being offered also from many local businesses. Get involved have some fun. The Game Gallery, one of the few companies chosen to be on Channel 8 program Day Time at 10:00 Wednesday March 16th to help promote this auction.


Why Buy From The Game Gallery

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy From The Game Gallery

We have the best warranty on used equipment anywhere. All machines come with a 90-day parts warranty. THAT'S ALL PARTS! All you do is send us any defective parts for repair or replacement. We will send them back to you freight paid. If you are local and bring the machine to us we cover labor too. If you require an outside service call there would be a charge for that. Prices vary ($25-$65/hr) depending on where you are located. We will assist you in locating someone in your area the best we can.

You have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that if your not happy with your purchase you get full credit towards another purchase. It would be your expense to get the machine back to us. Applies to original purchase only. And does not apply on specialty item orders.

We have factory- trained techs to help you on the phone 5 days a week M-F 10-4. Nine out of 10 times problems can be resolved over the phone. Many times we have found that in shipping a wire comes loose and just needs to be put back on. We have many links from our site for technical help also. We have all the resources to get you any parts you may need to repair, restore or rebuild your machines.

We have the best customer support anywhere to help you with your purchase from shipping, insurance, packing, service or any special needs for delivery. Our sales staff is here to help you with any questions you may have. If and when you have any technical issues you can call our service department M-F and they will be glad to help you resolve your problems you are having.

You can be assured you are buying quality when you by from us. All our machines go through an extensive checklist before they leave our building. The videos are cleaned inside and out, cabinets touched up, all buttons, switches, joysticks, trackballs etc are tested and working 100%. All pinball machines are completely shopped with all new rubbers, bulbs, cleaned inside and out, all electronics tested and working 100%. This goes for all our used equipment. And again backed by our 90-day parts warranty. All new machines come with factory warranty.
Did you know 65% of our service calls come from people buying games on ebay and other auctions?

When you buy from The Game Gallery you can be assured you will receive your machines in good condition. We take great pride in knowing that we pack our machines better than any industry standards. Right now we are using North American Van Lines for our home deliveries. This is a wonderful service as they pick up machines from us and hand carry them onto air-cushioned trucks. They blanket wrap them for safe travel and then they hand carry them right into your home and place them where you would like them all set up ready to plug in and play. Charge is $275 per machine within 1500 miles from us and $375 if over 1500 miles. If you add a second machine of same size the shipping is FREE. If you require up/down stairs delivery they will do that to for an extra charge. At times we ship commercial or to areas North American will not go. Then we must pack the machines. They are completely wrapped in cardboard with extra protective corners. Then shrink-wrapped and metal banned to a custom-made pallet. We use Tip n Tell indicators and all necessary warning labels. Your machines will arrive at your home or business on a common carrier truck with a lift gate. If you are within 250 miles from us we will deliver in our own trucks and be glad to set them up for you.

We have a great trade in policy. Anytime within the first 2 years of your purchase we will guarantee at least 50% credit from your original purchase towards your trade-in. Unless item was a special order we don't stock, then we would give fair value. You are never stuck with a game you don't want anymore when you buy from The Game Gallery.

We have one of the largest on-line catalogs anywhere. Browse through hundreds of items new and used to fill your game room or office. To make things easy you can even order on-line by the touch of a button or call us toll free 1.800.966.9873 and place your order. If you are lucky enough to be close to us you can come into our showroom Monday-Friday 9-5. We have over 100 machines on display at any time and plenty more in our warehouse.

While we do accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders and bank wires for payment we do offer some alternatives. We have a lay-a-way plan that you can put 1/3 down, 1/3 in 30-days and the balance in 60-days we will then deliver or ship your machine. We also have 90-day financing with NO MONEY DOWN, NO INTEREST (W.A.C.).

We have been in this industry over 25 years. Our experience speaks for itself. Nowhere will you find the quality of merchandise for the price you are paying. We buy from all over the country and hand pick the nicest used machines available. It would be rare that there would be a machine out there that we do not have, or cannot locate for you. We stand behind everything we sell and will do our best to make you a happy and long time customer. We advertise in most of the high-end magazines like Robb Report, Dupont, Millionaire, PRO and many others. We have many elite customers from Pro Athletes to Hollywood Stars. We do business with many major corporations and their corporate events. We have been on TV and written up in several newspapers about our success. Come join the thousands of happy customers we have from all over the world. Read what some have to say on our testimonial page.


University Offers Program For Video Game Industry

University offers program for video game industry
Pittsburgh, Pa.'s Carnegie Mellon University now has an Entertainment Technology Center to train students for the video-game industry. Students study everything from computer programming to acting.
Entertainment Software Association president Doug Lowenstein indicated that he is pleased there are programs like this because the video game industry now has to compete with Hollywood for talented people.


Rock-Ola to Introduce New Models

Rock-Ola to introduce new models and Web site
Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation is poised to unveil a new digital-downloading Wallette Jukebox System and Digital CD 9000 Jukebox floor model at the Amusement Showcase International (ASI) in Chicago this week.
"Now in production, the new Wallette Jukebox System( completes the Rock-Ola family of digital downloading jukes," said Glenn Streeter, Rock-Ola CEO. "Our new Digital CD 9000 Jukebox, available this spring, will combine the powerful Peavey sound system with SyberSonic electronics."
The Wallette Jukebox System(r) and the Digital CD 9000 Jukebox are the most recent additions to the Rock-Ola line from the company that built its first jukebox in 1935, before the rise of rock n' roll.
The Wallette Jukebox System(r) provides customers on-demand access to more than 200,000 songs supplied by the Ecast Location-Based Broadband NetworkTM. Ecast keeps its catalog current by continuously uploading new music releases. The Wallette Jukebox System( offers all of the same features as Rock-Ola's E-Rock-PV, E-Bubbler and Wall-Rock-PV broadband jukes, but with an external audio amplifier and speakers.
Reminiscent of the classic jukebox model popularized in the 1950's, the Wallette Jukebox System(r) combines nostalgia with technology, featuring brightly-illuminated rounded corners, chrome trim, a credit card reader, a twelve-inch ELO(r) monitor with glass touch screen, and bill and coin acceptors. The Wallette Jukebox System( is sold as a kit equipped with four Peavey Impulse 652 speakers and a PV(r) 900 Watt RMS Power Amp.
The new Digital CD 9000 Jukebox features new colorful graphics, a twelve-jacket title display under a scratch-resistant glass dome, and a PV(r) 900 Power Amp. The Digital CD 9000 box also comes with a custom-crafted internal Peavey cabinet speakers system with two 10" woofers and two horn tweeters. The interior speaker is powered by a separate RMC SyberSonic amplifier, also inside the juke.
All Peavey Power Amps(r) feature patented Distortion Detection Technique(tm), which virtually eliminates distortion, and Peavey's patent-pending Turbo-V Cooling(tm), that cools power transistors more evenly than traditional heat-sink designs.
Rock-Ola also unveiled their redesigned Web site (www.rock-ola.com) which features up-to-date product spec information, articulated 3-D photos and graphics with easy-to-use navigation tools. Of particular interest is the historical jukebox timeline, which displays an interactive chronology that begins with the birth of founder David C. Rockola in 1897, to the debut of his first jukebox in 1934, through the rise of rock n' roll to the celebration of the company's 75th Anniversary in 2002.


Pinball Retail Stores -" Buyer Beware"

These comments are public knowledge from a website called Pinball Retail Stores. This will show you comments made on us as well as some of our competitors. The old saying " Buyer Beware" I can't stress more to you. Buy with caution and ask a lot of questions... Ratings from 1-5 and 1=Worst, 5=Best

User comments about BMI Gaming
Do a Google search on these guys http://groups-beta.google.com/groups?q=bmigaming
Do a Google search on these sleazebags selling overpriced crap and lying about it. Then they lift pictures from other sellers websites and claim the picture is of the actual machine. When caught ling about it, said the "machine loks just like on in the picture", Got banned from www.mrpinball.com and exposed on rec.games.pinball newsgroup as a dishonest peddler with highly unethical and deceptive strategies. I would NOT BE SURPRISED AT ALL if these other comments were written by David Young himself as he pulled those kids of stunts before. Stay away from this jerk.
Jack Donahue
Just bought a No Good Gofers from them a few days ago... Vert pleasant staff, excellent but cramped store/warehouse (would guess they had about 30-50 pins on the showroom floor, all in really really good shape when I first visited), their price was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but still competitive for a game like this (machine was in like 9.7 condition, so I could not resist) Had one small problem with the game when I got it home, but their tech was very helpful and able to help me fix the problem iover the phone in about 5 mins. Highly reccommended!
Check Google on this motherfucker
I have met a lot of assholes and crooks in the vending and arcade business. Davi dYoung top s them all and then some. These guys suck diarrhea ass. Stay the fuck away from BMI Gaming. Plenty of other fine folks can sell you gameroom equipment.
Mark Weiss
Just purchased a whole gameroom from the fine folks at BMI; A Twilight Zone in Very Minty condition, a new Super Chexx and a new Ultracade arcade machine all delivered on time to my home with no surprises. David / Renee were very helpful, hard working people and made the experience a pleasant one. I am one very happy customer. A +++ dealer!
RGP Member
Fuck BMI Gaming. That weasel David copies entire chapters from other dealers' websites, steals other people's pictures from their website, lies about it, then posts under a different alias to tout some more business. Asd a paid advertiser he and his stupid BMI Gaming has been banner from www.mrpinball.com.
Robert Drust
I recently purchased five machines from BMI Gaming (No Good Gophers, Ultracade, Simpsons Pinball, Super Chexx hockey and a Twilight Zone) and after flying down to see their showroom, and was quite impressed - Almost every machine on display in their warehouse was in at least 9.0 + condition, which was quite a mindblower, after visiting several other local dealers in my area. After reading a few negative comments about this firm I flew down to see them before buying from them just to be sure (while visiting my mother in Deerfield Beach) during the Easter holiday. For all the comments I have read about them here and on rec.games.pinabll, I would totally disregard the negative hype - They boast on their web page that they are the "only dealer in the nation certified by both squaretrade.com and the national better business bureau" (and have spotless records with both - I checked) - a boast that no other dealer in the nation can make, and if they were that bad, you would expect many consumer complains to be logged. David, Jason and Renee are all true professionals, and I would gladly reccommend their firm without reservation. From a Very Happy Customer.
Carelessly packaged pinball sent S-L-O-W-E-S-T possible means (via North American Van Lines' Donkey Express), and then BMI charged me a very padded primo price to ship it ($375.00 to ship a pinball 1000 miles). It took 10 days to receive merchandise. I expected the pinball to arrive on a pallet, but it came in a cardboard box only. Game arrived with some slight scuffing of the cabinet. Very displeased. Not to mention that BMI's order processing took 5 days to complete in the first place!! Watch BMI's prices on pinball machines, because they seem to fluctuate according to the weather. Really not worth the effort doing business with BMI. Three words sum up my experience with BMI: One Big Hassle

User comments about Betson
Zero Customer Service
Steve C
The Buena Park California location has no respect for ther "customers" I was set up with them (did a credit check etc) And every time I call I get SOMEONES voice mail. My last experience was 5-22-03 to try and purchase a The Simpsons Pinball Party, Rude operator gave me the sales dept voice mail....I just hung up.....I won't try again to do business with Betson
David Gray
Parts department sucks bad wind. Orders screwed up beyond belief. Months go buy and no resolution. Purchase with caution, you might never receive what you want.
Jason Putnam
I called these guys to buy a NIB TSPP machine.. The sales person asked me what company I worked for, and I told him that the pin would be for home use. As soon as he heard that, he told me he was busy with another customer, and he'd call me back.. Gave him my number, and he never did. Called back several times and left a message, never heard back. Don't deal with these idiots..
Don't plan on these guy's having anything in stock, about the only thing they have would be the pictures of the items in their catalog. Overpriced as well. Try Marco Spec or Pinball Resource or Wico -a way better bet than betson!
Kevin Strasser
A total maze...one person referred me to another, then another to another. The end result was nobody ever got back to me. Will never bother with them again.
Jeff Rose
Bought a RFM NIB on closeout. A bit pricey, but they stand behind their products. My RFM had a damaged playfield glass and they replaced it quickly. The damage appeared to be from the WMS factory as the reflective coating was badly scraped.
Joe D.
Customer Rep. called and said that only three of the eight items that were ordered were in stock and didn't know when other itmes would be in stock. Wanted to know if I still wanted order and if I wanted other items, I needed to reorder in future. Placed order eleven days ago and still nothing. Web site still shows my order as 'not sent'. They charge way too much to put up with this poor service. Will try Pinball resource as recommended by others. Never again Betson.
Steve Frederickson
Fast delivery, expert advice and friendly service...highly recommended. Better prices than most other parts suppliers.
Rick Rubin
over priced ( rip off co. )

User comments about Bordens Amusement
Rich Fife
In response to the customer complaints leveled against him on rec.games.pinball, Bob Borden ignored all the specific issues (overstating condition, lack of post sale support, etc.) to send this courteous reply: "To all my RGP fans, It's an honor to be so admired by the adult equivalent of the high school Audio Visual club. I hope your ink protectors (top pocket pen holders) haven't leaked! Bob Borden" A true giant in the industry.
Joe Norten
This guy and his wife are total liars and cheats! Do NOT do business with them. The lie about machines to get you there and then they don't have it in stock! Also the machines they do have look nice, but if you closely inspect them they are not. Plastics are cracked or missing and metal parts are pitted and or rusty/corroded! If I could do it without getting in trouble I would love to beat the Sh*t outta this guy!
Pat L.
Absolutely the rudest, most dishonest person in the business. Stay away! He buys machines at local auctions, cleans them, and adds high mark-ups. Shop around before buying from this dirt-bag.
jeff scott
very unfriendly treated me like i was dirt would not let me try any machines because they were to busy
Stay Away From This One!!
Tim Edwards
Bob and his wife are nice people who have a great collection,I bought a 1961 Gottlieb CORRAL pinball .It plays great and is in perfect restored condition.but your going to pay for it.
Keith L Holbrook
Called requesting a particular backglass, was told they have one, asked about a price for the backglass, lady on the other end got irate, telling me "how am I supposed to sell a machine with no backglass ?" She could have pointed out the backglass was on a machine without getting totally rude about it. First and last experience with these people.
Just Browsing
I have seen his work at shows. The machines that his service people have completely rebuilt are great, they look as new as they can. However, those machines are in the $3,000 - $4,000 price range and are for wedgeheads. He has a lot of stuff in his shop, but I could not find a more rude person to speak to. In his area of the country, he is playing a game of monopoly in purchasing as many of the EM's as possible to corner the market. This occurs at the local shows. As someone else indicated, he doesn't like having people play his machines. If you want to try more than one or two, you are wasting his time. And don't try to play more than one or two balls either. He is overpriced and just not someone that I would want to deal with. He does, however, have some of the sharpest people in the business working for him. I'm guessing that it's becasue he has the biggest game in town.
Mike Rivers
I drove 2 hours to see his store. The machines looked nice, but the guy was the biggest prick I ever met. I can't imagine that anyone would buy from him. At the prices he was asking for his machines, he could have at least been somewhat friendly. I WOULD NEVER DEAL WITH HIM.
Mike Poole
Good slection of pins. Most have minor mechanical problems. VERY rude people to deal with. Price on a game was increased between the time I discussed on the phone and when I arrived the next afternoon at the showroom. Employees made it clear they do not encourage customers touching the games unless they buy them first. I would not do business with these people.
Jim S.
salesperson was rude and not very helpful, the game I inquired about was listed on their website but it turned out they didnt have it. Found many games listed as shopped were subpar condition (missing parts, etc) and prices were ridiculous (ie $4995 for a Bally Rolling Stones)
Serious Collector
Purchased a Twilight Zone from Bob. Paid a premium for it because it was, and I quote "home use only & mint condition". Corrosion on all metal parts even the balls, all ramps cracked, coils filthy. Worth on the market maybe 1100.00 I paid a lot more. I would never recommend anyone to his company. I would also say, I know what I am talking about too, owning and restoring a number of machines. Bordens is over-priced, and not very helpful.
Nicne site, nice showroom, way overpriced machines!
Beautiful shop. Likes Wedge heads. Prices high. Very rude on the phone. Gives "grudging" support. The techs they actually send are very good though. Sells "shopped" machines. The one I got had the third prong (ground) CUT-OFF!!!! All he really does is clean them. There were plastics missing- never pointed out. The manual and coin tray were removed too.
i called bordens looking for a medieval madness. The person that answered the phone said "no" and hung up. I guess thats the way they run their business.
Greg Reese
Very rude. Unprofessional emails. Doesn't have the games on his website in stock. Switch and Bait. You call and he tries to push another game.
Made arrangements with him to purchase a machine. Drove 7 hours the next day to pick it up & he didn't have it in stock. Claimed there was an error in the inventory list. Haven't been back since.

User comments about Coin Op Warehouse
Kevin Woodford
I have purchased 4 pins from Lloyd in various conditions. He is a nice businessman and even located a special game for me in Florida.
Ron Kral
I've gotten several machines from Lloyd. I've been happy because I've always gone to look before I buy. Machines are unshopped (OK w/me). He DOES sell to the first person in the door with $'s so if he has something you want, act fast.
Wes Bentley
Great guy. I have bought several pins. If he says its nice, it is!
Purchased one machine, very nice condition in terms of playfield, backglass, and cabinet. Have owned it for about a year and am very pleased with the purchase.
Todd Tuckey--TNT Amusements
Have had many good dealings with Lloyd...Easy to talk to, fast delivery....THANKS!!
James Bright
Good guy to deal with. Look for deals on the unshopped games, that's where the deals are.
Pay no attention to the bad posts that you have read here. I have purchased from Lloyd twice and I have been very happy with my purchases. The deal is you have to go there and look at the stuff. The stuff is unshopped and Lloyd does not know if it works or if anything is missing. YOU must go there and look it over. Lloyd lets you plug the machine in, open it up and look it over with no pressure. If you decide you don't want it, he does not care. So, if you are willing to go there i would recommend the place, if you are not you might want to look closer to home.
John Hoffman
Unfortunately Lloyd sells total crap almost unsalvegeable games and charges close to retail prices. I would avoid this company like the plague.
Kevin Strasser
Lloyd is a nice enough guy. I trust him OK, despite some of the posts here. You certainly have to take your time and inspect whatever you buy from anyone. Lots of his machines are beat up. Also things you would assume to be OK typically you have to look out for. I purchased a machine without enough balls and missing the header bolts. I did not even think to check those two things. Not a major expense, but an inconvenience.
Lloyd can't keep his word, don't trust that the pinball machine is actually yours until you get it out the door. He will sell to machine to someone else for a higher price and tell you he never got the machine or he will tell you he did'nt know you wanted to buy the machine. The condition of his imported machines are definitely at the low end of scale in quality/condition. His prices are lower, but that is for good reason. None of his machines are shopped.
Don't trust this man! I called to purchase a pin from him. He told me to send the check and he would meet me in NC the next week on Wed or Thurs for pick up. I mailed the check the next day. I didn't hear from him by Tues, so I called. I verified that he received the check and tried to make arrangements to meet him in NC. He gave me the run around saying that he hadn't made out the delivery schedule yet and told me to get back with him in a day or two. My friend, who was the one picking it up for me, called the following afternoon and he said that the deal was off and he was mailing my check back. He tried to say that he didn't receive the check in time. ??? It was also explained that this was a welcome home gift for my boyfriend who was deployed due to recent events, and he said that he didn't give a sh**. This man is a schmuck and I'm ashamed to defend his freedom!

User comments about Game Gallery
Ron Gijzen
I received my X-files pinball machine in good condition and everything is working just great, except from one light bulb in the upper left corner, but that's no big deal. I am very happy with it. Thanks!
Debra Dreyer
I have always wanted to purchase a pinball machine for my home but I was hesitant because I could not find anyone in the area who could fix a pinball machine if it should break down. I searched the internet and sent a few emails out to competing pinball companies. Linda was very helpful in calming my fears about purchasing a pinball machine from the Game Gallery. She assured me that the ADDAMS Family machine I was interested in was in excellent working order and if for any reason I should have any problems with the machine the Technical Department would help me out. She also informed me that if the problem was more involved they would definitely be able to find a someone near my home to fix it. I ordered the machine and within 2 weeks it was delivered to my home. The look of the machine was in excellent condition and it is working great. My family has been playing it non-stop and I am very pleased with the quality of the machine. I highly recommend The Game Gallery for both the quality of the products and the professionalism of the staff.
Janice Randall
Wanted to say "Thanks" for making my dream come true. I've always wanted to own a pinball machine! Sometimes dealing over the web is a little scary but you guys were great. We're very happy with the machine, the service, delivery. The entire experience in dealing with you guys was great. I'm sure we'll be back in the future. We're having loads of fun on the new pinball machine!! Thanks again
Russell Thompson
I've purchased two new machines,one pinball,one video,both were shipped via freight lines and arrived in great shape.After un-crating and placement in home, I had several questions about setup and play. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. I will purchase more games after release dates for new machines. I was reluctant about buying new great condition games from a out of state company,but very happy I did.
Tim Edwards
Hey everyone,i had a godzilla pinball that needed minor work and a gottlieb that had a score reel problem and they told me that they dont work on EM's anymore and they dont do service calls,I even live only 7 miles away,With their high prices I would stay clear,Sales Without Service is poor business
The Johnson's Webster,WI.
We had concerns about buying Crusin World and Fishtales over the Internet and having delicate items shipped by truck all the way to Webster WI. Thanks to your great service, wonderful packing, and shipping arrangements, we received everything when you said and in great condition! Thanks so much!
Bill Meyers
i purchased a "tales from the crypt" pin ball machine from game gallery. the machine is everything that was promised. i did have a minor problem, but the staff at game gallery was very helpful and extremely responsive. there are several other types of machines i would like to own. when the time comes, i will go back to the game gallery. andy and linda are great people. they keep their promises
Simeon Peebler
The Star Wars Trilogy pinball arrived yesterday. It is in wonderful shape! It works very well, and the local delivery company was very helpful and professional. I appreciated the wonderful packing job that helped protect the machine. Thanks so much for your help! I am a very happy customer, and I'm very satisfied with your service. This is a wonderful start to my collection, and you can count on my business in the future.
Michael and Lisa Acierno
Santa could never have delivered like The Game Gallery. It would not surprise us if your address included "North Pole". Our family is just thrilled with the Austin Powers pinball machine. Our six year old was delighted and amazed how this wonderful gift fit on Santa's sleigh. Even our two year old has developed excellent hand-eye coordination from playing the game! Thank you for the outstanding service, superior machine and Christmas 2004 memories.
G. Klinghoffer
Dear Game Gallery....just received my T-2 pinball.. I love it.. it came in better condition than I though it would. Thanks for making this happen. Now my kids are going to have to get what they want. I'll be back very soon, Regards,
Boyer Family
Thanks so much for your help in rushing the pinball machine. They were so surprised & really made our Christmas great!! It works great & believe me it's had lots of playing time. Thanks again!!
Game Gallery Response
As far as Tim Edwards comments. Yes we service and stand behind every machine we sell. He did not by those pins from us so we told him we could not get to them right away. Yes we service machines even when not purchased from us. BUT our customers that bought from us do get priority. By the way thanks everyone for all the nice comments. Andy Kline/owner
Jon Marcus
Thanks for the great service on my recent purchase of The Addams Family pinball. The pin's condition was excellent -- it was shopped and packed exceedingly well. Your excellent customer service makes doing business with you very easy and comfortable even though I live thousands of miles away
I am very pleased with the Dirty Harry pinball machine I recently purchased from The Game Gallery. This is my first pinball machine, and you were all very helpful in answering my initial questions about the machine and the purchasing process. The condition of the pin is excellent, as you described, and I was very impressed with the professional manner in which it was packaged and shipped. Probably as a result of shipping, setup, etc., one or two problems arose after playing the pin for a while, and you quickly took care of those through a technician in my area. I am very satisfied with the level of service I received from The Game Gallery. Thanks again!
We have had our games (Cruis'n World and Fishtales Pinball)from you for 1 year now and they work great! We are getting ready to purchase more. Gordon
Ken Schaffer
Just a note to thank you for your professional service and prompt attention in my recent purchase of the Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball and Funhouse Pins. Both machines were mint as described and everything regarding this transaction was flawless. Your staff coordinated the shipping and called me with a confirmation time. The machines arrived exactly as scheduled and your staff's followup was excellent. Thanks again for a great buying experience. I'll be sure to contact the Game Gallery for my next purchase!
Jerry Bostick
Great people to do business with! Professional, honest, timely, and customer friendly. Highly recommended.
Linda & Huey Register
We love the Rockola bubbler juke box and the Star Trek TNG pinball we purchased from you last year about this time! We have had wonderful, expert, conscientious service from everyone there at the Game Gallery. We can hardly wait for the Ultracade to arrive! We will let you know if it is as big a hit with the family. Thanks again,
Bill Dial
Thank you for helping me fulfill a lifetime dream of owning my own pinball machine. Hopefully this will be the first of many for me and my family. Our Cyclone arrived earlier than we expected and was in fantastic shape. We are extremely pleased with every aspect of our purchase and will definitely be buying from you guys again in the future. I have to go now and try to pry my son away from the flippers - it's my turn to play! Hurry, Hurry .... step right up!!! Bill Dial Chief Financial Officer-The Apex Automotive Group and proud owner of a 1988 Williams Cyclone Honda-Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Volkswagen PO BOX 5017 Anderson SC 29623 864-224-6632 / Fax 864-375-2085
I was very pleased with the condition of the pinball machine which I ordered from the Game Gallery.
John E. Latz
Re: Diner pinball The game is fantastic! It is in great shape - ya'll did a wonderful job at sprucing it up for us! Thanks again for a great machine....now I have to think about the Austin Powers one .
Michelle Ball
Subject: Terminator 3 Pinball I just wanted to say thanks for getting my machine here when you said you would. Linda did a great job of handling a possible problem and I got it on time. It was a great birthday present and I will recommend your company to anyone who asks where to buy a good pinball machine. Thanks again for a first quality sales experience. Michele Ball
Deb Tessier
We just received our Fish Tales pinball machine and love it!!! We were a little nervous purchasing over the internet sight unseen, but couldn't be more pleased. It looked and worked great from the moment we plugged it in. Top score is $746 million already and counting. Thanks for bringing so much fun to our party room!

User comments about M P Amusement Co.
Mike Poole
Great prices on "partially shopped" games. The STNG I got was very solid and reasonably priced. Check to see whats in stock, some games on their list are subject to availability.
John Hoffman
Purchased two games from them and both had major problems. Also, carefully inspect cabinets for magic marker touch-ups.
Kevin Strasser
Purchased a White Water from them. Great prices on un-shopped items. Also they do make sure they are in working order unlike some other un-shopped dealers. Nice folks too.
Bob Antelman
I bought one nice machine that was shopped very nicely and was satisfied with the delivery and technical support after the sale. Finding a nice machine may be hit or miss, even if you go in person.

User comments about Orange County Pinball
phill macracken
they make you feel at home when you enter the shop. fast, friendly service. the techs there are one of the best in the bussiness, and are always willing the help.
Too expensive and did not help at all!Walked around for awhile?I guess they think ntheir better than everybody else? Cost of living is more in OC (Orange County) and think they can sell at "BUY NOW" on e-bay rip-off!I got all three of my Pins elswhere,you should do the same Prestige(in MI) is good and Area Amusements(in Cal.) is the Best!
Hi prices
stu padasso
the best in the west
Shark hunter
Just sold an unshopped DATA East Star Wars on Ebay for over $3500. This game sells from $1000-$1900. What a joke!!
roy munson
great service, and carry a large selection of "hard to find" pinballs and pinball accessories. why go anywhere else
al kaholic
always have what i need. never let me down

User comments about Pinball Warehouse
Al treated me well, & even had his guy put air in my flat tire. The TZ I bought works great, I'd recommend Pinball warehouse any day.
I bought many pinballs from Al. He has always taken GREAT care of me. His prices are very good . Great selection
Has absolutely no clue as to how to work a digital camera, basically computer illiterate which was a problem when buying a game sight unseen as I did. That being said, he pulled aside the HUO Twilight Zone and after about a month got the pictures to me. Shipped the game to me in an original box, and was always pleasant to me on the phone and gave me a great price and even held onto it while I was too busy to get him the money.
Ditto what Dave said. Also known as Action Music and Games. Needs to work or P R, but big Al wouldn't know what P R stands for!!
bought a pinball from them they sell defective machines and warranty is a joke good sellection of games though my advice stay away
Poor customer service, rude, pushy, cluttered space. Email address on their website doesn't work. Even tho they knew we were shopping, they made the comment, "this is not an arcade" and didn't want us to try any of the games out (even tho they were all on free play and their kids i guess, were running around and playing them), which made us feel very awkward.

User comments about Pinballs Are Us
have seen them run hot and cold on politeness and services. machines are way over priced and most of the older ones are in terrible shape. Ernie Liffers is better to deal with in Atlanta.
Jason Norris
Previous comments ridiculous. These are the best people to deal with in Atlanta. Owner is courteous and extremely helpful. Purchased a 20 year old pinball (Gorgar) and has broken twice since delivery 11 months ago. Both times, Fernando came out and assisted me promptly. You may pay a little more to buy from Pinball Expo but it is well worth it. Do not think anyone else will come out to your house and fix your pin asap. Will do business again without second thought.
I purchased a 1977 Evel Knievel from these guys and they were awesome. Their pricing was fair and competetive. We had a problem with one of our displays and they fixed it immediately. The best!
this place sucks!
Rude, bad service and ragged out machines - AVOID!
Worst in Atlanta. Take Ernie, Tommy, Al Ellis or Mossy with you if you want to buy a machine. These four gentlemen know pinabll machines and the owners here hate them.
Most helpful people in the business. Purchased an Indiana Jones a year ago. Has not failed me and the people at The Gameroom Gallery have been most helpful. Pricing was excellent for quality they dispalyed. Quality was above any other pinballs I have ever seen overall. Would highly recommend for anyone trying to get a pinball and have excellent service and customer care in the long run. A+++
Aaron Van Noy
Extremely helpful, Best selections I have ever seen. I must admit a little bit pricey. Stands behind the warrantee! Great for first time buyers. Yes you may pay a little bit more, but if you have never owned a pin, guess what they all break down sooner or later. Look at your local bar. Oh and one more thing when you go in there they are not fully shopped. They ask for about a week for then to tweak and shop it. Will do business again.
rude, old nasty machines, middle easterners driving Mercedes making quick buck on us.
Ernie, where are you located at? email remf64@hotmail.com
I agree with the last comments I went in there with a fellow collector and found these guys to be very unknowledgible and rude. Ernie Liffers is better to buy machines from. These guys here deal on the uneducated public and hate to see collectors who know pinball come into the store.
One of the best pinball sites around....also has very helpfull people w/ great prices and service ! Would highly recommend
Come see me and avopid these guys at all cost. What a rip-off. To those who like them and left the positive comments, you were ripped off and overpaid for your machines.

User comments about TLC Amusements
Sewer Urchin
Drove forever to see a "fully shopped" pin. Half of the paint was gone from the playfield.What paint there was. It was yellow from tobacco. The ramps were held together with silicone caulk the flippers didn't match the machine. The balls weren't even new.These people don't have a clue. Told me shipping was $500. Don't waste your precious time!


Launching of New Magazine 'Pinball Today'

Pinball Today is the brainchild of Pinballers Anonymous owner Nick Bennett and followed discussion of the idea on the UKpinball group.
It will be launched at the Pinball Extravaganza show at the end of April but Nick - the new magazine's Editor - told Pinball News all about the venture, how it differs from existing publications and gave us a look at the first issue's front page.
From a discussion on one of the UK pinball forums about a pinball publication, I suggested I could possibly do something and before it had sunk in what I had let myself in for, I'd had so much support and encouragement, that I set to work on producing the magazine. A few months later and ‘Pinball Today' is just about ready to head off to the printers for it's first ever issue.

Rather than try and rival the already huge supply of information available from the web (like Pinball News or the IPDB) and in print (like the POA magazine or PGJ), the magazine is styled very much to be a ‘lifestyle' magazine rather than a resource. Hopefully you won't be embarrassed to leave it on your coffee table when you have guests. Pinball is cool – and there seemed to be no printed product for the cool customer.
Some people think a transformer is a robot that can morph into a tea-pot and a transistor is a cross dresser! Not everyone knows what a TIP102 is, and not everyone needs to know, and some people really aren't interested in what colour under-pants Brian Eddy was wearing when he designed Attack from Mars (they were red by the way).
These people are no less enthusiastic about their hobby and of course we'll have some tech stuff, but also some more light-hearted features. It's a bit of a ‘lads-mag' take on all things pinball, but ladies are welcome to read it too.
The content is largely supplied by pin-heads but we'll also be running some regular features. We have a Pinball Champions League, the ‘Pindaq' monitoring pinball prices and ‘market' trends, ‘best of the web' features, reviews, picture specials, a pinball surgery for all your problems and more. We have also kindly been given permission to print the Pinball news diary – and it only cost me a few pints!
Pinball Today will sell for £5 an issue (P&P free in the UK ) and will initially be a quarterly publication. It is full colour throughout and also carries advertisements to help cover some of the cost. The first issue will be 24 pages. We also will try and have a freebie in each issue, with a limited edition enamel pinball badge being given away with issue 1.
Although I have written columns for magazines before, and shadow wrote a book on behavioural finance (yawn), I have no experience of producing a magazine and it has been very hard but enjoyable work. I am really happy with the way the first issue is shaping up and I have sent drafts to a few people to let them cast their critique.
Thanks to Pinball News for their help and advice and many thanks to all the subscribers and advertisers who have made it possible.
Issue One of Pinball Today is officially out on the 30 th April and will be available at the Pinball extravaganza in Margate, UK that same weekend. Subscribers should receive their copy before this date. European and international subscriptions are also available.
If anybody would like to subscribe to Pinball Today, please visit our website www.pinballtoday.co.uk



How We Shop Our Pinball Machines

How we recondition your pinball machine.

Here's what we do to make sure that your machine looks and plays like new!

Dismantle all ramps, posts, ball guides and plastics.
Remove all light bulbs from the game.
Clean playfield - this comprises FOUR stages of cleaning and finally, finishing with Millwax.
Wash all plastics and clean all ramps, metal rails, posts.
Replace any defective jet bumper skirts/misc. parts.
Re-assemble top of playfield. - Replacing any blown or defective bulbs and all rubber rings.

Remove all lamp boards and resolder the joints.
Clean lenses and bulbs.
Remove flipper assys, replace all coils, lockwashers, links, end stops, springs, bushings and where necessary, switches and base plates.
Replace flipper assys, carefully adjusting bat & shaft on upper side.
Remove any under ramps, ball poppers or anything that directly contacts the ball and clean thoroughly and replace.
Replace any defective targets.
Remove any defective wiring and re-solder terminals.
Vacuum out cabinet.
Insert balls into machine and test.
Place game on playtest during which time any faulty or mis-adjusted switches are detected and adjusted.
Clean cabinet outside and touch-in any scratches.

Install new legs and leg bolts.. comes with 90 day parts warranty


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How to Contact Us

The Game Gallery
7941 N. Armenia Ave.
Tampa, FL 33604

Sales: (800) 966-9873

Service: (813) 930-8363

Fax: (813) 930-9639

Customer Service
Technical Service Repairs: Service@TheGameGallery.com



Consumer Alert Important Message

Please take the time to read this important message from our President

Over the last few years there has been a huge influx of retailers and discount stores like Sams, Wal-Mart, Target and many online catalog companies like Frontgate, Brookstone, Sharper Image that are selling the same or similar products we have been selling for the last 25 years. We have found this has hurt our industry in a number of ways. When consumers buy from these other discount companies they are selling you a product and that's it. Do you really think that one of them has any knowledge of the industry and will be able to support you with your pinball machine, video game or jukebox? Of course they won't. We have seen our service business increase because of this. We are here to give you the support you need with parts and answer any technical questions you may have about operating your machines for as long as you own them. Again, do you really think you will get that kind of support from these other retailers looking to make a quick profit on discounting these items they sell? FORGET IT. WARNING: 8 out of 10 companies don't show any addresses or terms, conditions or polices of sale on their websites, why not? Why buy from them with these unknown facts. We describe our terms of sale and polices on our website and in writing on our invoices you receive. Also as you know the huge demand now for the auction business. Over the last few years there popping up everywhere and consumers are buying our type of products from these auctions only to think there getting a good deal but then the item does not work when they get it and forget trying to get support from the auction house or the seller. Again we have seen our service business increase because of this. We have been in business in this industry 25 years and have the resources, knowledge and factory trained technicians that you WILL need to own and maintain your machines. We also have developed a network of service companies around the country to help service our customers. Remember, anybody can sell you these products but remember it's the back end - the service, parts, tech support your going to need and were here to give it to you. Please note: We will not give any tech support by phone if you did not buy the product from us. And the most important thing is this, we will ALWAYS take your unwanted machines you no longer want in on trade or buy them back from you. Do you think any of those other retailers we mentioned would do this? FORGET IT. At least 50% of our customers trade their machines in every year to get something new. This is why they buy from us..

Did you know 65% of our service calls come from people buying games on ebay and other auctions
or from retailers that don't have any after sales support for this industry

You will never see us advertising we have the lowest price out there. How can we !

We provide the best workmanship and quality in all the items we sell.
We have knowledgeable and professional sales people to help you make the right decisions on your purchase.
We give a 90-day warranty on all parts on our used machines.
We fully recondition all our used machines to be in the best possible condition.
We provide live technical support by factory trained technicians via telephone 5 days a week.
We help you with all warranty issues whether it's our used machines or new from factory.
We make sure your machines are packed well so they arrive in good working order.
We handle all shipping, tracking and delivery issues.
We offer inside upstairs/downstairs deliveries.
We help you locate a service company in your area if need be.
We have a parts dept to get you any parts you may need.
We accept trade-ins when you're tired of a machine.

So why look any further? You've come to the right place. We are ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. You can reach one of our sales associates 1.800.966.9873 M-F 9-5


About Us

Hello and welcome to The Game Gallery. We offer "The Ultimate in Home Entertainment". You have come to the right place if you are in the market to purchase amusement equipment for your home rec room or your business. Our reputation has gained us many clients from Super Stars, Sports Athletes and CEO's, as well as many other V.I.P's from around the World. We our proud to have such clients like this. Come see why so many people have chosen The Game Gallery to fulfill their gameroom needs. Read about us "In The News".
We offer a large variety of new and refurbished arcade machines. Our staff is experienced to assist you from the point of sale, to shipping, parts and technical service. We have a 10,000 square foot facility with a 2500 square foot showroom of which is open to the public Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM eastern time, and Saturdays by appointment only. The Game Gallery takes great pride in knowing that you, as a game enthusiast, are looking for the highest quality and the best that money can buy.

Being in the business for more than 20 years, The Game Gallery has the resources for supplying you with the best selection of equipment available on the market. We buy from all over the country and hand pick the best equipment available. Once we have the machines back in our facility, our technicians conduct an extensive checklist before each piece of equipment is sent out. Our machines are completely refurbished, shopped, cleaned, tested and working 100%. Please curb your expectations as some of these old classic games are now 15+ years old. We do our best to keep them as original and clean as possible. We have factory trained technicians that can help you with any technical questions you may have. If there is a need for you that requires a technician to come out to service your equipment you purchased from us, we will assist in locating a service company for you. In addition, you may call our parts department for any parts you are looking for.

Other services we provide in our local area include corporate and private party rentals, location leasing, and service. If you are having a corporate event, birthday party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, or picnic, The Game Gallery can supply you with music and games to make your event a success! You can rent 1 machine or 100 machines.

Should you own a bar, nightclub or restaurant in the Tampa Bay area, we can provide you machines on a percentage basis. And if you need repair service, whether you bought the machine from us or not, we will be glad to service your equipment.

When viewing our on line catalog, if you do not find the machines you are looking for, please call us or email us for more inquiries. We will do everything possible to locate equipment for you.

Again, I want to thank you for visiting us at The Game Gallery. If you are already a customer we appreciate your business and if you are becoming a customer we want to welcome you to our family of Fun and Games!

Andrew Kline, President
A.S.K. Distributors, Inc
d/b/a/ The Game Gallery


Pinball News

January 13, 2005-Stern Pinball's newest pinball machine, THE SOPRANOS®pinball, offers would be wise guys a dynamic interactive experience into theworld of the critically acclaimed and award-winning HBO® hit televisionseries THE SOPRANOS®. For all those who have been spellbound bymobster-themed movies and television shows throughout the years, THESOPRANOS® pinball machine is a must for any distributor, operator, and home collector wanting to share in the excitement.
Featuring Tony Soprano, his immediate family and business "family", THESOPRANOS® pinball machine challenges the player to rise through the ranks to Boss. THE SOPRANOS® pinball also has elements from the show, including the dancing girls of the Bada Bing!; Tony Soprano's boat, The Stugots, with aclassic multi-ball feature; a safe that cracks open after being whacked bythe ball; and the talking fish from Season Two that always jokes around withthe player.
THE SOPRANOS® pinball features the real voices of many characters on theshow, including Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), Silvio (Steven Van Zandt),Carmela Soprano (Edie Falco). The pinball machine also plays THE SOPRANOS® classic theme song, "Woke Up This Morning," during game play. Pinball Hall of Fame artist Kevin O'Connor arted the playfield, while the cabinet and backglass artwork are taken directly from original HBO promotional art.
In 2004, THE SOPRANOS® received four Emmys® including Drama Series;Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Michael Imperioli); Supporting Actressin a Drama Series (Drea de Matteo); and Writing for a Drama Series (TerenceWinter, "Long Term Parking").
THE SOPRANOS® is a production of HBO Original Programming, Brad GreyTelevision and Chase Films; executive producers, David Chase, Robin Green,Mitchell Burgess, Brad Grey, Ilene S. Landress, Terence Winter; co-executiveproducer, Henry J. Bronchtein; supervising producer, Matthew Weiner;producer, Martin Bruestle. Production for the sixth season of THE SOPRANOS® that begins in early 2005.
Gary Stern says, "THE SOPRANOS® is a great title for a pinball; with the showelements this game is really fun for all level players. The artwork can only be described as stunning."
THE SOPRANOS® pinball machine is definitely the most exciting "family” pinball to come along in years!
HBO® and THE SOPRANOS® are service marks of Home Box Office, Inc.

To buy your new pinball contact The Game Gallery at www.HomeGameRoom.com or call 813-930-8363

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