Coin-Operated Game Info Links

Coin-Operated Game Info:
1930s to 1970s Penny Arcade GamesTons of information and pictures on EM arcade games, fortunetellers, driving games, diggers/cranes, gun games and sports games.

Penny Arcade PicturesPictures of old arcades. A step back in time!

Pitch & Bat Baseball, Manikin, Mechanical AnimationGames. Tons of information and pictures on Pitch & BatBaseball, Manikin and other mechanical animation sportsgames from the 1940s to present.
Bowling Alley & Shuffle Alley Games, 1949-1990s Tons of information and pictures on bowling gamesfrom 1949 to the 1990s.
Gottlieb Pinball Evolution 1947-1967Chronologic information, pictures & features of Gottliebflipper pinball games from their classic era.
Williams Game Evolution 1943-1960Chronologic information, pictures & features of Williamspinball and arcade games from their classic era.

Coin-Op Game Repair Guides:
Beginning Pinball RepairRead before working on a pinball or a pinball circuit board!
1977-1984 Williams System 3 to System 7 Repair GuideGames from Hot Tip to Star Light, including Black Knight, Firepower, Gorgar, Flash.
1990-1999 Williams/Bally WPC Repair GuideGames from Funhouse to Cactus Canyon.
1986-1990 Williams System 11 Repair GuideGames from High Speed to Dr.Dude.
1987-1995 DataEast/Sega Repair GuideGames from Laser War to Batman Forever.
1980-1989 Gottlieb System 80 Repair GuideGame such as Haunted House and Black Hole.
1977-1985 Bally/Stern Repair GuideClassic Bally games like Kiss, Xenon, and 8 Ball.
1985-1989 Bally 6803 Repair GuideBally games like Strange Science, Party Animal, etc.
1978-1985 Gameplan Repair GuideGame Plan games like Sharpshooter, etc.
1930s to 1978 EM (Electro-Mechanical) Repair GuideGuide for fixing electro-mechanical coin operated gamesof all types including pinballs, bowlers, pitch & bats, etcmade before 1978.
Williams Pinball 2000 Repair Guide Fixing the most advanced pinball system ever.

Capcom Pinball Repair GuideProblems and solutions for all Capcom pinballs.

Williams System 9 and Prior Repair
Written by Williams, April 1986. In PDF format(Adobe Acrobat required).

Coin-Op Restoration Guides:
Pinball Restoration GuideIncludes touching up the backglass and playfield, and general tips on restoring a pinball game. Includes clear-coating a playfield with Varathane.
Clear Coating Playfields with Automotive ClearsAn extension of the above Restoration document.Describes "diamond plating" a playfield using Automotiveclears (opposed to Varathane, as described above).
Plastic Ramp Repair and ProtectionInstructions for fixing and protecting plastic ramps on late model games.
Vacuum Forming Plastic Game PartsInstructions for making your own game parts using ahome-made vacuum form. Great for older games wheregame-specific parts can not be found. Also shows howto make your own custom water-slide decals.
Gottlieb Roto-Target RestorationInstructions for re-facing your worn Gottlieb roto-targets.

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