Global VR Brings Challenge To Golf Game

Are you ready for a challenge? EA SPORTS(tm) PGA TOUR(r) Golf Challenge Edition, that is. According to GLOBAL VR(r) coin-op Game Producer, Danny Pisano, "Many of the features and options of Challenge Edition have been implemented in response to player requests and operator preference.”
The homework that GLOBAL VR has done in researching and responding to its players and operators is most obvious in the resulting new play modes of Challenge Edition. Challenge Match, after which the game was titled, empowers video gamers to create player tournaments wherein they can specify all parameters, including the start and end dates, tournament size (up to 32 players), course, difficulty and conditions.
There are eight new, recognizable, real courses including the Black Course at Bethpage, Edgewood Golf Club, Pinehurst No.2, and Sherwood Country Club. This edition also includes six fantasy courses and brings back eight popular courses from EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Championship Edition III for a total of 22 courses. Players and operators will be pleased to see nine PGA TOUR golfers and six fantasy golfers in Challenge Edition. Global VR has included favorites like Colin Montgomerie and Vijay Singh, while adding new players like Rich Beem. .
The attractive, new cabinet design will feature updated graphics on a flat-screen, high-resolution monitor. Other new cabinet installations that add value and new opportunity for the operator are the on-cabinet card dispenser and the customizable marquee. The customizable marquee allows operators to insert and conveniently update promotional materials that feature their own events.
EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf Challenge Edition is on test now and set to ship this month with tournament availability in May. Dedicated cabinets will be available as well as upgrade kits for existing cabinets, and conversion kits for other video golf games

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