Golden Tee Golf Featured In New Exhibit

Golden Tee Golf, the popular coin-op video game from Incredible Technologies, is a major component in the U.S. debut of Game On: The History, Culture, and Future of Video Games, which recently opened at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. In the "Making Of..." area of the exhibit, museum guests can experience the entire process of how Golden Tee is made from concept to production. A highlight of the section is a display of the four generations of Golden Tee spanning nearly 17 years of design and development.
"To be an important part of this prestigious exhibit - in one of the greatest museums in the world - is a validation of the many years of hard work, creativity and innovation of our employees," said Elaine Hodgson, CEO of Incredible Technologies. "We're very proud and privileged to be included. I encourage everyone in the industry to see this exhibit. It's a testament to all the pioneers whose vision we follow, as well as to the innovators who continue to bring our unique form of entertainment to millions everyday."
Game On is a major exhibition that explores the vibrant world of video games from 1962 to today and the impact that this popular form of entertainment has had on contemporary culture around the world. The exhibit investigates how geography and culture play a role in game development by examining games that have been created in Japan, the United States and Europe.
Museum guests attending the exhibit can play Golden Tee LIVE, the newest generation of Golden Tee, as well as over 100 other video games that illustrate the exhibit content.
Game On runs through September 5, 2005. The exhibit was developed by the Barbican Art Gallery, London, in collaboration with the National Museums of Scotland and has an additional fee of $5 per guest.
For more information, visit the museum’s Web site (www.msichicago.org).
For more information and to order your new Golden Tee Golf Video Game contact The Game Gallery at 1-800-966-9873

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