Namco Adds Games To Its Mobile Game Catalog

Namco America Inc., a leading publisher of wireless games and content, announced the release of its winter season game line-up. Already a publisher of Top Ten mobile hits including PAC-MAN(R) and Ms. PAC-MAN(R), this release adds six new games to Namco's mobile games catalog.
Mobile customers can now play arcade classics such as Galaga(R), Dig Dug(R), Xevious(R) Mr. Driller(R), Galaxian(R), and MAPPY(R).
Mobile phone users can also find PAC-MAN Branded Games and Ringtones and exclusive game tones from arcade classics like PAC-MAN to current console hits like Tekken(R) & Soul Caliber(R). In addition look for Pac-Man Pinball coming soon.
Other PAC-MAN branded mobile games by Namco America include PAC-MAN Bowling(TM), PAC-MAN Puzzle(TM), PAC-Match!(TM), PAC-MAN's Casino(TM) Card Game Pack, and PAC-MAN's Casino(TM) Slots Pack.
Other networked and original mobile games by Namco include Ms. PAC-MAN For Prizes(TM), Stack'um(TM), and Gimme' FIVE(TM).
For more information about Namco's wireless games, visit (www.namcogames.com).

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