Namco Pumps Museum Collection to PSP

Published: 3 hours ago; 11:51am PDT
by Punch Jump Crew

Namco, creator of the butterball that is Pac-Man, will release a classic game collection caled, Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PSP. The collection will include arcade classics like Galaga, Pac-Man, and Dig Dug, plus add 10 exclusive classics not seen in the Japanese version.
"Millions of people around the world have played Namco's arcade classics, and now we're able to offer new versions of these timeless games to a whole new generation of gamers with 'Namco Museum Battle Collection,'" said Yoshi Niki, Business Unit Director at Namco Hometek Inc. "'Namco Museum Battle Collection' is a must-have title for anyone that enjoys classic gameplay on an innovative new platform."
Dig Dug loves pumping animals and Namco loves pumping out classic collections. In Namco Museum Battle Collection for PSP, owners can relive arcade classics like Galaga, Pac-Man, and Dig-Dug with updated graphics for the new PSP handheld entertainment system.
The U.S. version will nab 10 exclusive classics not found in the version released earlier this year in Japan. Yankee gamers can look forward to Xevious, Bosconian, Mappy, Tower of Druaga, Dragon Buster, Grobda, Dig Dug 2, King & Balloon and others bring the total to more than 20 titles.
The Namco classics receive an extreme makeover in graphics for the handheld system. Namco Museum Battle Collection will also take advantage of wireless gameplay for up to four players, and utilize the game sharing feature to require only one person to have the UMD.

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