Mile High Pinball

Keeps Liftin' Me Higher with New Screens
Press release supplied by Games Press 17:54 02/05/2005
Play pinball like you've never played before with the frighteningly addictive "Mile High Pinball" on the N-Gage game deck. Collect points, collectibles, and power-ups as you ascend through 80+ pinball stages. Go up against mini-bosses or challenge a friend as your love of pinball keeps liftin' you higher and higher to never-before-seen boards.
Developed by Bonus.com, "Mile High Pinball" offers a Beat-My-Challenge feature where players create their own pinball map and upload it to N-Gage Arena for others to beat. Gamers can also upload rankings, trade balls and a slew of strategic power-ups, and even create their own tournaments.
"Mile High Pinball" is scheduled to be in retail stores this fall.

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