Bitter Games Rivalry Erupts Between France And England

By Aaron McKenna: Wednesday 27 July 2005, 10:09
AT THE upcoming Classic Gaming Expo-UK, gamers will be asked to sign a petition on Saturday, August 13th, during the course of the event. The event is described as a video game championship to "settle a 650-year-old rivalry", between London and Paris on 10 different games representing all eras of video game history, including maze games from the coin-op arcade era to modern console and PC titles. The event will be organized by the editorial staff of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, the official record book for the worldwide electronic gaming industry.
Walter Day, editor of Twin Galaxies' book of world records will join CGEUK's Chris & Christine Milliard in leading a contingent of players over to France to issue the challenge. Day says: "The completed proclamation will be hand-delivered to Paris on August 15th - the Monday following the CGEUK - where it will be turned over to members of the French video game industry who will work on developing a French team to travel to next year's Classic Gaming Expo-UK (2006) where the 'London vs Paris' tournament will be conducted."
Also among the British entourage traveling to Paris will be Billy Mitchell, the American gamer who achieved history's first "perfect" game on Pac-Man and who was declared the "Player-of-the-Century" at the 1999 Tokyo Game Show. Mitchell, who is considered to be the world's most famous video game player, commissioned artists at his own expense to create the 8-foot vinyl proclamation and the logo artwork used for the challenge. Mitchell says: "I congratulate Chris and Christine Milliard for their bold creativity in using the CGEUK as a platform for initiating this positive interaction between France and England."
Twin Galaxies' Walter Day, based in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, notes: "It’s only fitting that we are delivering this proclamation on August 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte's 236th birthday. He liked challenges like this and he would have liked to have been here for this."
We don’t doubt it… here’s to settling some old rivalries through Pac Man.

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