Lawmakers Push For Tougher Rules On Video Games

State democrats begin a new push in an effort to keep the video game "Grand Theft Auto" out of the hands of young kids. The democrats are hoping to raise awareness about the violence and explicit scenes in this game.
They say they've tried to pass a number of bills that would restrict children's access to the game, but so far they say House republicans are blocking their efforts. They call it brutal and violent. They call it a teaching tool for hate, and they call it sexually explicit, so Senate democrats spoke out against the game, saying kids shouldn't be allowed to play it.
A recent sting showed that 40% of retailers in the state are selling the game to minors despite the mature rating. Senators say the voluntary rating system just isn't working. The State Senate's already passed a series of bills to address this problem. Senators say they'd like to see penalties for retailers who sell Grand Theft Auto.
Senate democrats say 4 different bills have passed the Senate that would limit children's access to the game, but so far none of those bills has gotten out of committee in the State House. Retailers say they wouldn't mind the additional restrictions on sales of the game. One video retailer says the State needs to do something to keep games like Grand Theft Auto of the hands of kids, but the retailer says parents will still buy the game for their kids, and this will only put a small dent in the number of children playing the game.
A spokesperson for House republicans says the House is actively working on child protection bills. They say they've already passed 1 measure that would restrict sexually-explicit video, and they say when they return to session, they will look at restricting violent games as well.

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