Video Games Are Not Necessarily Turning Kids Brains into Mush

Posted by: Bonnie Bracey
It's summer vacation. The kids have acres of time to fill. So, of course, they're in the basement playing some video game that involves either weapons or skateboards.Who can doubt that their minds are turning into chipped beef on toast as they sit in the dim light, their educations and social lives leaking away? As a conscientious baby boomer parent, I feel a gravitational pull to say these words: “Turn that off and read a book!”Or play piano, or run outside, or get in a street fight. Anything but play more video games.Except … apparently that kind of thinking is all wrong.The sense that video games are bad is about to become as dated as the four basic food groups, the philosophy of spare the rod and spoil the child, and asbestos as a safety feature.Video games might be about the best thing your kids can do to ensure their future success. Better, even, than reading. At least that's what two books (ironically enough) and a growing chunk of conventional wisdom are saying.

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