3001 AD Creates The Future Of Video Games

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 2005--
After six years of intensive product development, 3001 AD, LLC, a Florida based company producing augmented and virtual reality applications, has announced that it has bridged the gap between the company's existing virtual reality applications and "DREAM PARK" adventures for gamers. The company has released its Trimersion head mounted display unit, (HMD) for use in virtual reality applications, in arcades and theme parks, and the company has plans to open consumer, educational, medical and military markets over the next few quarters.
Bob Ladrach, President of 3001 AD, describes the "DREAM PARK" campaign by commenting, "DREAM PARK started out as a novel by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes. In their book, guests enter a futuristic theme park where they travel through realistic adventures in a `HOLOGRAPHIC' world."
"This is the future of gaming," says Bob Ladrach, "we sketched out the concept of an augmented reality adventure in our research laboratory over six years ago. It is very exciting to see that the technology will be coming to main stream America soon. I think it's also important to acknowledge that this technology can go so many different directions."
3001 AD manufactures a home Virtual Reality HMD called Trimersion. The company's HMD provides an authentic virtual reality experience in a computer generated 360 degree environment. More can be learned about this product by visiting http://www.trimersion.com. The head mounted display unit is light weight, durable, affordable and compatible with XBOX, PS2 and PC's. This product provides a new dimension that other peripherals can not offer. By integrating this already successful technology into new markets, 3001 AD will be able to stretch the company's band-width for distribution everywhere. "We'll be able to create the `DREAM PARK' in real life, gamers will be more than amazed, they will become `DREAM PARK' addicts," commented Ladrach.
Look for the Trimersion head mounted display units this fall. The fourth quarter campaign will be followed by a roll-out into new markets that include education, military, and medical arenas. 3001 AD has attractions at national theme parks utilizing the Trimersion technology today and gamers can expect to see stand-alone attraction sites at national theme parks as follows:
Orlando Dream Park opens in 2007
Los Angeles Dream Park 2009
3001 AD is looking for partners to participate in this venture. For more information visit: http://www.3001ad.com or call 800-605-6703

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