ATM's Double As Slot Machines

What's Next? Will we see these here in the U.S.
Jul 21 2005 02:56:18:687 PM

Toyko - Japanese people hoping their bank accounts carry a bit more cash could see their hopes come true with an ATM that doubles as a slot machine, a regional bank said on Wednesday.
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, based in Ogaki city some 300km west of Tokyo, will on August 8 introduce slot games that run during the wait as cash machines process transactions.
A user who hits three straight 7s using the "stop" button on the ATM screen will get ¥105 to cancel the customary fee for using the machine outside regular hours.
The bank customer can even strike a jackpot of ¥1 000 if the slot machine gives them a set of "gold" or "super gold" images, named after the accounts the bank has been offering.
To collect the prize, the winner has to come up to the bank counter.
"We want our customers to enjoy a little excitement during the waiting time when they operate an ATM," a bank spokesperson said.
"We also want people to come to our outlets as we have been offering various products and services," he said.
The slot game is not available during regular business hours when money withdrawal is free of charge.
Depositors with other banks' cards can also use the slot-game ATMs of Ogaki Kyoritsu - but will be charged a fee of ¥210.
The odds of winning are "good", according to the bank, being one in 10 for the ¥105 fee cancellation and one in 500 for the ¥1 000 cash prize.

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