He wants full games arcade on tour
RAPPER Eminem has taken a leaf out of diva J.Lo's book with some pretty picky demands - including Cristal champagne and big buckets of KFC - on his upcoming tour.
And 3am can exclusively reveal the hip-hop megastar wants his dressing room turned into a fully-quipped games parlour with an "arcade-type ambience".
The singer insists that his play room - which has to "comfortably accommodate eight persons" - is kitted-out with full-sized electronic games, a monster TV with PlayStation, ping-pong table and basketball hoop. What no Toy Soldiers? An insider in the 32-year-old's camp tells us Eminem also has some very specific needs when it comes to catering.
Our spy confides: "For Eminem's dates at the Old Trafford cricket ground, Manchester, on September 14 he specifies that he wants two cases of Heineken lager, two bottles of Hennessy cognac and three bottles of Cristal champagne.

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