Free Video Games To Hospitals

GameSHOUT has partnered with Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable), and the Get-Well Gamers Foundation to offer free video games for children's hospitals.
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GameSHOUT, ( http://www.gameshout.com/ ) has announced that they are giving away free video games to hospitalized children around the United States with help from the Get-Well Gamers Foundation."When I was 13 years old, I was in the hospital with an illness that they thought was hotchkins disease. Each day was miserable for me, and all I could do was watch the presidential election for Ronald Reagan" says Andy Hodges.Meanwhile, GameSHOUT radio personality Captain Maverick had this to say, "We're on a mission to provide pain relief for as many children as possible. By getting games into these facilities, we help reduce that pain, and we further reduce the need for additional pain meds, thus relieving the suffering of these little ones. What cause could be greater? And we want EVERYONE to join us by contacting GameSHOUT.com", Jim [Capt. Maverick] stated.

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