IGDA Talks Sex And Video Games

Posted Aug 16, 2005, 2:30 PM ET by Ross Miller
The International Game Developers Association, likely in response to the Hot Coffee minigame that was found in San Andreas, has formed a special interest group to “address the issues and challenges facing the use of adult sexual content in video games.” Aptly titled Sex & Games, the special interest group is hoping to find ways open discussion on the topic and how to incorporate sex and nudity responsibly in video games, as well as ways to restrict underage gamers from viewing what they shouldn’t.I think this is a step in the right direction. The IGDA is a giant, influential part of the games industry, and their stance on finding a way to allow the adult sexual content to mature responsibly, as opposed to banning it altogether, is very smart for the growth of the medium (video games in general). I think we should see speeches given on the topic and game developers taken it seriously, because the use of more adult themes is going to continue as the industry ages. What do you think? Should games find a way to tastefully incorporate adult sexual themes into its games, much in the way Hollywood has, or has the Hot Coffee issue shown that maybe sex is one area we shouldn’t venture?

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