Michigan State Offers Minor In Video Games

Posted Aug 3, 2005, 2:30 PM ET by Ross MillerRelated entries: Culture

Still deciding what college to go to? For those about to enter their senior year of high school and have a(n) (un) healthy obsession with video games, you might consider Michigan State University. MSU has announced that they will offer a Specialization in Game Design and Development - which, essentially, is a minor in video games. For those at Michigan State (or looking to transfer) you should take a few intro classes in Computer Science, Graphic Design, or Interactive Media.This does not mean you can earn an entire degree in video games like you can at some colleges (Digipen, Devry, etc.), but Michigan State is a very acclaimed college. Besides, it would probably be in someone’s best interest to focus on a similar field (Computer Science, Graphic Design) than entirely on video games - it’s too hard of an industry in which to guarantee yourself a future.If you ever needed proof that this wonderful medium that Pong wrote was garnering mainstream attention and some respect…

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