Music To A Video Game Player's Ears

Video games with their rising budgets are now attracting serious composing talent, according to a report by the Associated Press. Scoring for traditional television may soon enough be playing second fiddle. Hit singles such as Green Day's "American Idiot" were heard on the hugely popular "Madden NFL Football" games even before they got radio play. In fact, 14 of the 21 songs in the game's latest version, to be released Tuesday, are previously unreleased. The new version features music from Foo Fighters, Rev. Run of Run-DMC fame, and others.
The report continued to say that it's all a sonic leap from the blips and beeps of "Pong" and "Asteroids" -- so memorably annoying they've come to define game audio for decades.
Video game music's growing popularity is being driven by budgets that can now reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, spending that has climbed along with overall industry revenue. In the United States, video game industry sales now exceed movie box office receipts. "Halo 2" generated more than $125 million Music is becoming an interactive part of the story. Games are programmed so scores react to virtual environments and player choices. Multiple sound backdrops shift with scenarios.

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