Oregon City Allows Poker Games

2 August 2005
SPRINGFIELD, Oregon – As reported by the Oregon Register-Guard: "…The Springfield City Council didn't quite go all in when it came time to vote Monday night, but enough members were willing to play along to make the city the latest to allow local bars and restaurants to host Texas hold 'em poker games. The final vote was 4-1, with Councilor Joe Pishioneri opposed.
"That means poker games can be dealt just as soon as local establishments and anyone they bring in to run the games get their required city licenses and background checks. Other than state lottery games, the ordinance marks the first time social gambling has been allowed in the city in more than 10 years.
"…Councilors seemed to have no problem with the idea of allowing Texas hold 'em, which has become a national craze. Business owners had petitioned for the ordinance to put them on equal footing with bars in Eugene and other area cities that already allow the game…"

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