'Obscene' Video Games Flood The Market

New Delhi, Sept 22 (PTI)
Just when you thought that the Mallika Sherawat MMSs and the XXX movies hitting the shop shelves was all that parents had to shield their children from, the porn threat has been re-newed in the form of obscene and semi-porn video games that are easily available in the market.The worst part is that such 'obscene' video games are being sold across the counter at any of the video game markets in India, and it isn't even illegal, because there is no certifying authority in India when it comes to video games.Most of the games in question are sold over the counter and carry a US-based ESRB (Entertainment Software Recruitment Board) certification which quantifies games as 'E', an everyone rating, 'M' mature rating suitable for people of ages 17 years and above, while the 'AO' adults only rating is for people above 18 years of age.However, this is where the twist in the tale comes in. "These certificates aren't valid or enforceable in India," a senior police official says. According to him, this seriously limits the police from taking action against shop-keepers who sell such games to young children. PTI

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