Pinball of the Dead

The most fun you will ever have playing a pinball game !!!
By dbfan_05
September 19, 2005 - Introduction: For those of you still waiting for another House of the Dead game, here’s an appetizer for you. The game is called Pinball of the Dead. The game is pretty much a standard pinball game mixed with zombies. Your goal in the game is to beat the highest score on three different tables: Cemetary, Wonderful, & Movement. The story in the game is the same as House of the Dead 2, which is save the human race from flesh-eating zombies. But in a pinball game like this that has no ending to it, the story is irrelevant. Graphics: I was impressed with the graphics in this game. Sega most have used every bit of graphic horsepower that the little GBA has in this game. The tables look really good and the little shoot the zombie mini games are very fun. The zombies that run around the tables look like miniaturized versions of the zombies from House of the Dead 2 (with detail I might add). Overall, Sega has done a wonderful job with the graphics. Sound: This is my personal favorite from Pinball of the Dead. The music in the game is simply awesome. Its almost like midi-sized versions of the music from the House of the Dead series. It’s so much fun to hear a zombie scream in pain when your pinball smashes them to bits. Controls: The controls are pretty simple. You use the L & R shoulder buttons to use the flippers and D-Pad to nudge the table. What I didn’t understand about the first control scheme (default) is you can use the A Button for the right flipper but the B Button is used to nudge the table instead of controlling the left flipper. Personally, I used L Button for the left flipper & A Button for the right flipper. But if you don’t like the default controls, there is two more schemes to choose from. Gameplay: Well as I said earlier, the game is pinball mixed with zombies running around on the table. The fun part is smashing the zombies with the pinball. There is two modes of play. You have Normal Mode where you choose any of the three tables & your goal is to simply beat the high score at each table. The other mode is mostly the same, it’s called Challenge Mode. In Challenge Mode, you go through all three tables completing certain mission objectives for each table. You go from one table to the next. Once you run out of lives, its game over & your forced to start from the beginning table again. Luckily, there is a password feature to save your progress with. The game can be a little challenging (no pun intended) but fun none the less. Replay Value: This game could go on forever as there is no end to it. Killing zombies though is fun, and we like killing zombies don’t we ? That and trying to master the highest score at each table will get you hooked on this game for a long time.

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