Sony Takes Video Games Out Of Couch-Potato Realm

Who says video games restrict physical activity? Sony Computer Entertainment is rolling out "EyeToy: Play 2," in which users' movements control the action of the game.
Up to four players can run, jump, dance and wiggle through 12 new games, from Table Tennis to Secret Agent. For those gamers looking to get in shape, "EyeToy: Kinetic" hits stores in November.
"Kinetic" offers an all-in-one fitness program that includes aerobics, kick boxing, yoga, tai chi and more. Players can customize workouts based on four discipline levels, or tackle an intensive 12-week training program.
Both units are designed for the PlayStation 2 entertainment system. "Play 2" retails for $49.99, including camera, and is available now at Amazon.com, Circuit City and other retailers. "Kinetic" will retail for $29.99.

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