DDR at the gym: Konami and fitness center team up

Posted Oct 12, 2005, 3:30 PM ET by Ross MillerRelated entries: Culture
For all the talk of video games causes lethargy and unhealthy lifestyles in children, Dance Dance Revolution has always been the ultimate argument against it. DDR is a game that really gets the player moving, having to step in rhythm to the song as arrows fly up the screen – it has always been a great cardiovascular exercise (and may also help children with ADHD). 24 Hour Fitness has inked a deal with Konami to incorporate Dance Dance Revolution arcade machines in their Kids’ Clubs. In return, Konami will insert a 30-day pass to the popular gym.Video game players get healthier, and health-conscious kids turn into gaming addicts - sounds like a perfect deal for both companies. What are some other arcade games that you wouldn’t mind seeing in a gym? You can find the nearest 24 Hour Fitness center here.

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