NASA-Inspired Games Improve Playing Ability

Device Measures Brain Waves
POSTED: 5:23 pm EDT September 28, 2005
Video games often have a bad reputation, but one company claims their games have a positive spin on technology.
Cyber Learning officials said their technology helps game players to understand how their brain functions, and improve their playing ability.
"We've taken NASA's technology, originally designed to work with pilots and improve attention in the cockpit, and translated that into a video game format," said Domenic Greco, Ph.D. of Cyber Learning.
Players are hooked up to wires and sensors with a bicycle-type helmet. The device measures brain waves while the game is played.
A study showed game players who were agitated, did not perform as well as when they were calm, according to the company.
The NASA-inspired games can be purchased online. For more information on the games, click here

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