Films can be made inside video games

11/16/2005 3:43 PMBy: Noah Robischon, Entertainment Weekly
MachinimaVideo game fans will enjoy these films called machinima, which are made inside 3-D video games.
Machinima is a new kind of filmmaking that takes place entirely inside of 3-D video games. At www.festival.machinima.org, you can find out about the nominees for this year’s Machinima Awards, or Mackies. To view the nominees, log on to www.machinima.com and look through the Shows menu.
Among the favorites in this year’s competition is “Red vs. Blue.” This team makes short films created inside of the game Halo. Now in its third season, “Red vs. Blue” is usually comedic, and includes subtle nods to the absurdity of the game play itself. In one episode, a pair of space Marines questions the nature of their existence and why they are fighting so much in the first place.

Bot is a death-match robot who is unhappy with his role in the world.
Another contender this year is titled “Bot.” It’s the story of a “passive” death-match robot that takes a leap of faith in an attempt to change his destiny. It was made using the engine from the video game Unreal. “Bot” is clearly inspired by Grand Theft Auto, and even uses some of the technology from the Unreal engine, but it does not star the characters from any particular game.
Back at Machinima.com, the homepage has a link to some tutorials that can help you get started making Machinima movies. There is even a section filled with software tools that can be downloaded and used in the production process.

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