Legendary Video Game Stars from the Early 1980s to Gather in Texas

A video game convention of superstars who were prominent back in the early 1980s is scheduled for Humble, Texas, Dec. 2-4, 2005.
Among the dozens of visiting celebrities will be Abdner Ashamn of Brooklyn, N.Y., who is world famous as the record holder on Ms. Pac-Man and Robotron. Also, coming from San Jose, Calif., is Mike Klug, a legendary competitor and former world record holder on Atari's Pole Position; and Greg Sakundiak of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who held many world records on classic arcade games during the ‘80s but retired from gaming to pursue a career in professional arm wrestling.
Created by Callan Hendricks and Dwayne Richard, proprietors of Totally Amused, a Humble firm that specializes in selling and repairing classic video games from the 1978-1986 era, the event will allow the public to play nearly 100 classic video games while noted gaming celebrities demonstrate gaming tips and tell stories from the "arcade era" of the early 1980s.
Called the Legends of the Golden Age: A Tribal Gathering of the Greatest Video Game Superstars of the 1980s, the event will feature high-score contests on dozens of games, allowing players to potentially win listings in Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of world Records, the industry's official record book.
Walter Day, editor of the record book, will be at the event to conduct the contests and verify the high scores for the record book. Not only will there be two national events on classic games like Turbo-Sub and Aztarac, but the highlight of the weekend will be two additional arcade contests featuring two of the top arcade games currently in the nation's arcades. Promoted as The Houston Arcade Championships, this additional tournament features Target: Terror and The Fast and the Furious, both games manufactured by Raw Thrills Inc., a Chicago-based company that was founded by Eugene Jarvis, the creator of the legendary Stargate and Robotron video games. These two modern games have been donated to the activities courtesy of Betson Enterprises.
For more information, contact Callan Hendricks, (832)347-6570; or Walter Day, Twin Galaxies (641)472-1949; or go to (http://www.twingalaxies.com/).

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