Pinball machine out of Legos???

Pinball is all about a spherical object rolling around on a smooth surface, so the thought of building a pinball game from Lego doesn't immediately seem like one of the better ideas.
But that's exactly what Gerrit Bronsveld & Martijn Boogaarts from The Netherlands have achieved.
The two showed their creation at the recent LegoWorld exhibition in Zwolle in The Netherlands where more than 500 children got the chance to play it over the six days of the event.
Obviously, the ball itself couldn't be made from lego blocks and a regular 1 1/16" steel pinball was just too heavy for the Lego motors, so a 1" glass ball was used as the main playing ball and a regular steel ball was used for the tilt mechanism. But the rest of the game is 99.99% pure Lego.
Get more info on this from Pinball News at http://pinballnews.com/news/lego.html

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