Pinball maker Gary Stern interviewed on Chicago radio show

Gary Stern of Stern Pinball was interviewed on WGN Radio 720AM, Chicago's #1 News/Talk Station, last Friday night.
Nick and Garry of The Nick Digilio and Garry Lee Wright Show interviewed Gary Stern about pinball of both yesterday and today, as well as the Pinball EXPO 2005, which is in Rosemont, IL this November 17th-19th.
Gary Stern said, "I was delighted to be on Chicago radio and talk about pinball. I was thrilled with the number of people calling in who were interested and knowledgeable about pinball. They were players and often owners of our games."
There was such interest by callers, and by Nick and Garry Lee, that the interview was doubled from 1/2 to a full hour.

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