Sega Sammy reports 25 billion yen profit for first half

Sega Sammy Holdings Inc., a company formed from a merger between a game-maker and a pinball maker, reported a net profit of 25 billion yen (US$210 million) for the half-year through September.
Sales for the six-month period ended Sept. 30 totaled 248.6 billion yen ($2 billion), Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. said in a statement.
There were no comparative numbers for the previous year's fiscal half profit or sales because Sega, which makes Sonic the Hedgehog games, and Sammy, a pinball manufacturer, merged to form Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. in October last year.
But the company did forecast that earnings for the full fiscal year through March would rise 12 percent to 56 billion yen ($470 million) profit on 567 billion yen ($4.8 billion) sales.
That growth projection is based on a combined profit figure of 50.6 billion yen for the two companies for the last fiscal year. (AP)

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