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Mastering the more advanced plays in football video games.
In Football Video Games 101 the basic tips were written to help those new to Football video games enjoy the experience more. It also had a few helpful tips even for the more experienced players to learn a few things they may not have known. This is a follow-up to Football 101 and if you have tried the tips in 101 with success, then you will get more out of Football 201. While the numbers may make it sound like college courses in the sport, it really is more of a way to help readers know which one they need to start with.
The following tips are more advanced and are meant to be used for online or offline play. These football tips and strategies will work but will also require practice. If you expect to read over this once and be able to pull all of the moves off perfectly, then you may be in for a long session. In time you will find the following tips and strategies will improve your game. The strategies outlined here will work with Madden 06 , NCAA and the 2K series of football games. Of course a few of the tips will need to be adjusted based on the game you’re playing. If you are simply looking for cheat codes then refer to the Top Football Games article for Madden and NCAA, and find 2K within the cheat areas.
Football Passing – Pro Style
Okay, by now you have turned off the auto passing feature and know how to throw a short pass to the open man. If not, please go back and refer to the 101 write-up. Now you should already be able to get 5-10 yards per passing play and that is great, but now we will discuss the Pro way of passing and we will focus on increasing every pass play to at least 10-20 yards. Also after getting the ball to the open man how to stretch out the play a few more yards by running the ball after the catch to really make the play Pro-like.
Let’s start with a personal favorite play of mine, the shotgun formation hook play. By now you know how to pick the play and the right formation. In the shotgun formation blitzes and coverage is harder to read... or is it? No, not really. You will want to still read the coverage and probably the A.I. If playing against the CPU , it will be either in a coverage set or a 4-3 or dime defense. Look for the weakness and then snap the ball. Faking a snap is just a waste of time and the same rules apply here. You will want to count to five and snap the ball. In a hook play the receivers will run to the outside lanes then hook back into the center of the felid. You will want to take the snap, look for the best man’s route and pass the ball to him right as he is making the cut back to the center of the field.
There are a few reasons to open up the passing game with this on play one. If playing against a friend or online, the player will start to pick coverage plays and this will exploit the running game later. Secondly, if you are playing against the CPU, they will change as well since they were programmed by humans. Now when you have this play down and can make it consistently you will want to try and gain more yards by also running after the pass play. A quick juke move (deceptive move) and you should get at least 4-8 more yards by running at first.
There are several good shotgun passing plays and for the sake of time you will want to switch up the plays each time after learning them; switch plays often, normally on 1st and ten. It’s expected that a running or option play will be picked. This is a great time for a shotgun passing play and will throw off the defense. While the shotgun formation is great, do not forget about the regular long passing plays in a normal passing play. The same count and rules apply. Just remember that there is less room. Use the Quarterback’s ability to shift out of the pocket if you need time for the open man to get open. Still use the trick of switching plays from the right, left and center to make your plays less predictable.

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