Report by TCFPA President Todd "PinTed" Andersen.
The last planned TCFPA pinball event aptly was the 2005 Year-End Tournaments. Two tournaments were held at a location Pinball News has a report on, SS Billiards in Hopkins, MN, USA.
The first year-end pinball tournaments for the TCFPA were in 2003 . But, we just couldn't keep up the league.
Unlike last year, no attempts were made to procure a “guest” pinball machine for a special pinball tournament. This proved a wise move by the TCFPA.
Let us start with heart felt thanks to everyone who has helped the TCFPA. For, this last event simply couldn't have happened without our members and sponsors.
First off, thank you LTG of SS Billiards for providing a great place to play twenty-some well maintained pinball machines. Besides providing the only location in the entire Twin Cities Region, Minnesota, USA for weekly pinball league play and twice yearly pinball tournaments. For this event, Lloyd also donated some “Safe Cracker” tokens and translights.
And, we would especially like to thank the handful of members who showed up more Saturdays than not. It was for them the TCFPA was created.
Thank you Pinball Renaissance for providing: the trophies for the double elimination tournament and for sponsoring some advances on the double elimination bracket. Thanks for also providing “Safe Cracker” tokens, and some of the give-away plastics.
Thank you Kevin of K & K Amusement and Pinball at the Zoo for T-shirts and some of the plastics.
Thanks to those who previously sold things to or donated to the TCFPA .
And finally, thank you Pinball News for hosting this final write-up and for providing the cool T-shirt for the first place winner.

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