Smack! Bam! Kids craft video games

By Mike Tumolillo Tribune Reporter January 30, 2006
Antonio Trujillo has made one video game with a friend and is working on another, which he plans to finish by the end of 2007.
He's in ninth grade.
"I like being able to control things and get them to do fun things or just something," he says of his interest in making video games. "It's fun."
Trujillo is a student at Desert Academy in Santa Fe, a private school that plans this fall to launch a four-year computer science program that will tie into video game development.
"The whole point of this is to allow high school graduates from Desert Academy to graduate . . . with career skills which they can either use directly in getting employment or they can use it to get advanced placement at a college or university," says Greg Malone, director of technology at the school. "If you look at what's going on in the country, both higher education and some high schools are beginning to teach computer game development as a form of computer science. That's pretty much what I'm establishing here."
Trujillo says he'll enroll in Desert Academy's computer science program. A career in video game development is possible.
"Mostly I would like to work on the actual movement and getting things to walk around, like character graphics," he says.
But it's not easy work.
"There's all these little parts you have to move, and get them to move right, and have the correct timing and the correct amount of movement for it to look good," he says. "It's a little complex, but it's fun."

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