Video Games Now Part Of P.E. At Local School

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Video games are now being used in physical education classes at Woodland Elementary School.
KMBC's Natalie Moultrie reported that Woodland is one of only four schools in the nation to have a PE-4-Life Academy, which takes a different approach to gym class.
"Our focus is mainly, instead of a lot of sports activities, to really work to let children know what they need to do for their personal wellness," instructor Elaine Alexander said.
The video games are used to motivate the students to get moving, such as racing on bikes. To go faster, the kids must peddle harder. But students also use new weight machines and they even swim during physical education.
"I usually don't do exercising. But now, I exercise a lot more and now I want to exercise," fifth-grader Abrahim Sy said.
Moultrie reported that Missouri requires schools to have physical education for 50 minutes a week. In the PE-4-Life program, students have gym every day for 45 minutes.
The idea teaches kids exercise is a lifelong activity.
Sponsors helped pay for the schools PE-4-Life Academy. The staff at Woodland Elementary also hope to help students start healthier eating habits along with their exercise.

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