Merit Announces Longer Warranty for Ruggedized ION Hard Drives

Merit Entertainment announced that it is extending the warranties on every ION hard drive to 30 months. This warranty extension is retroactive and applies to all IONs already in the field. For operators who remain current with the company's software updates, the warranty period extends for 30 months after their last fully paid software update.
The warranty extension emerges from improvements in the underlying hard drive technology the company uses. Starting with the ION, Merit has shifted toward a more rugged, shock-resistant, laptop-style hard drive, which is superior at withstanding the typical shocks and abuse that players routinely apply to games. The new hard drives also sport an increased storage capacity of 40 gigabytes for more full motion video, high quality digital audio, and database-intensive For more information, contact Merit Entertainment, (www.meritind.com). COME SEE ALL THE NEW TOUCHSCREEN GAMES AT WWW.HOMEGAMEROOM.COM

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