Pinball Pre-Order Medieval Madness and Cactus Canyon

Posted by: James McGovern

Pinball.com forum members have started receiving invitations to pre-order remakes of Medieval Madness and Cactus Canyon to be made under the Bally name. Here's the note I found in the mail last night:
Pre Orders are now being taken for Medieval Madness from March 1stCactus canyon Pre Orders will Start October 1st.A FAQ page will be added soon.
According to the pre-order forms, reserving a machine will set you back $2500 and the total cost will be $5000 plus another $500 in shipping from Australia.
Details of this very intriguing offer from Pinball.com are still coming in and we are waiting for more clarification from the head honcho. More to come as it develops.
You can see the announcements and download the pre-order forms from the Pinball.com website.

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