Golden Tee LIVE kits now available

Incredible Technologies (IT) has made its popular Golden Tee LIVE game available in a version suitable for any location. Until now LIVE has been available only as a Deluxe Dedicated Cabinet and a Deluxe Retrofit Kit for existing Golden Tee Fore! cabinets. Now IT has expanded the LIVE line to include both online and offline kits. The Deluxe Dedicated Cabinet is the top-of-the-line model and features two monitors, a padded control panel, and secure coin vault. The Deluxe Retrofit Kit incorporates the dedicated cabinet's dual-monitor design into an easy-to-install kit for existing Golden Tee Fore! cabinets. Both deluxe versions offer wireless online play.The new Standard Online Kit can be installed into nearly any upright video cabinet. The kit works with any type of CRT monitor, although a high-resolution VGA monitor is recommended. The Standard Online kit does not require a second monitor, yet still offers all of the LIVE online features including Prize Play where allowed. The Standard Online Kit comes complete with a marquee and side panel and control panel graphics. A ready-to-go control panel is also available for kitting into an existing Golden Tee Fore! cabinet. Rounding out the product line is the Basic Offline Kit, which does not include a wireless modem, card reader, or other items necessary for online play, and offers only three 18-hole courses. This inexpensive kit is ideal for locations where Prize Play is prohibited or for those unable to support a Deluxe Dedicated Cabinet or Retrofit Kit. According to Don Pesceone, IT's Senior Vice President of Sales, these new kits are the result of feedback from operators around the country. "We listen to our customers," he said. "We understand that a dedicated game may be too expensive for some locations. Now you can offer Golden Tee LIVE to all your stops." Call The Game Gallery to orders yours today 1-800-966-9873

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