How Hold'em Players are Protecting Themselves

This release announces a new instructional DVD called Cheating at Hold’em (The Essentials). It illustrates and explains how all poker players can take simple counter measures to protect themselves from being scammed by card cheats.
(PRWEB) April 3rd, 2006 – Texas Hold’em, like all card games, has rules to keep the play honest, fair and fun. Unfortunately the reality is that 99% of all games can easily be cheated. Double George, LLC has developed a DVD program titled Cheating at Hold’em (The Essentials), designed to educate the general public about how poker scams work, how to detect them, and what steps to take in order to protect yourself from being a victim.Gambling and specifically Texas Hold’em has taken America by storm. When gambling becomes popular, cheating also escalates. Cheating at Hold’em (The Essentials) teaches you how to put a few precautions in place to help protect your game (and your bankroll) from being compromised. These are procedural changes that can be made immediately. They are easy to implement, and will go a long way toward making your game safe, honest and cheat free.Forget about fancy surveillance systems or machines to help you shuffle and deal. Within 10 minutes, anyone can learn to shuffle, cut, and deal a fair game. Also, just a few minutes of instruction can show you how to properly look at your cards (a technique known as peeking the hand,) how to deal with onlookers and those not playing, and how to detect marked cards and sleight-of-hand maneuvers in addition to various gambling devices.How do poker players benefit? Cheating at Hold’em (The Essentials) shows what various scams look like when executed. Each facet of the scam is then exposed, discussed and illustrated in detail. This enables you to spot and prevent cheating or any type of advantage play. Protection and Detection Tips are also included for each section. You quickly learn how to make easy procedural changes that will dissuade people from potentially cheating in your game. A hustler is looking for places where it is easy to get away with a scam. If you create an atmosphere that is unfriendly toward cheaters, they will leave your game alone.“It’s a common dilemma that surfaces when anyone gambles for money; some people feel at times that they may have been cheated,” said David Malek, Chairman of Double George, LLC. “In fact, if you play Texas Hold’em (or any other poker variations) for money, or for fun, it is just a matter of time before someone will try and cheat you. Believe it or not, more money is stolen in private poker games by so called “friends” than is ever stolen in a casino. However, if you know what to look for and how to protect against it, you become a far more sophisticated player. Easy to implement procedural changes go a long way to make your game safe, fair, and fun for everyone. Some scams are so deceptive, subtle, and quick, that knowledge becomes your only protection. When money is involved, game protection must be your top priority.”Cheating at Hold’em (The Essentials), is an instructional DVD covering the essential details of scams used in the game of Texas Hold’em. You’ll learn how to properly shuffle, cut, and deal the cards. You’ll learn about Peeking (learning the identity of cards that should remain unknown), Flashing (giving up information before players are supposed to know about it), Second Dealing (dealing the second card from the top, rather than fairly from the top), Marked Cards (Blockout Work, Scroll Work, Crimping, and even Nail Nicking). In addition, you’ll learn about Check Copping (a way to steal chips out of the pot), Splash Moves, and the Psychology of a Card Cheat, as well as Protection Tips to combat the most widely perpetrated scams. Every section of this 90-minute DVD can have a huge impact on the way you see the game and the way your game is played. In order to eliminate the chances of being cheated, you must take game protection and security seriously. You will enjoy the game more, and so will the people you play with. It is easy to incorporate the different protection tips into your games, as well as keep them in mind when playing in a game you have less control over.David Malek is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on game protection. His sleight of hand skill with cards and dice is legendary. Mr. Malek puts on presentations for law enforcement, casino personnel and celebrity clients. He works as a gambling consultant for film and television productions, as well as giving demonstrations at trade shows and hospitality suites for a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Malek lives in Newport Beach, California. For more information call 1-800-314-2855 or visit, www.cheatingatholdem.com.

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