Video Games May Lead To Aches, Pains

Parents Should Set Limits For Children
POSTED: 10:19 am EDT April 18, 2006
It is not all fun and games when it comes to electronic entertainment for children.
Computer and video games may pose a future risk for some adult aches and pains, Local 4's Good Health reporter Kim Adams said.
Hand-held games and computers can be addictive, and experts warn that is not the only problem they are seeing in children who can't seem to put them down, Local 4 reported.
Doctors report a serious increase in over-use injuries in children and teenagers, such as arthritis, degenerative-joint disease, carpal-tunnel syndrome and trigger thumb, a condition affecting the movement of tendons, Local 4 reported.
Athletic trainers said that some of these inactive injuries are now affecting young athletes' ability to perform on the field or the courts.
Have children follow these tips for enjoying electronic games and computers safely:
Rest eyes every 15 minutes.
Stand up and move around every half-hour to hour.
Practice good posture, keeping back in a straight position. Don't tilt your head back or too far forward.
Keep feet on the floor.
Experts stress that parents should not be afraid to set limits.
"I would set a very real limit, a specific amount of time during the day or possibly on the weekend, for a specific amount of time so that they don't spend three, four, five, six hours a day," said pediatric orthopedist Dr. Robert Bruce.
Doctors said they are also seeing more of these inactive injuries in adults, especially those who can't keep their hands off their Blackberries.
With the warmer weather here, it may be time to get the family outside for some good old-fashioned fun, Local 4 reported.
For more information and tips to prevent injuries, click here.

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