Women do so get video games

Re: Father and son bond over video game, Neil Crone column, Feb. 12.
I just read Neil Crone's column about a father and son bonding over a video game. As soon as I came to the sentence, "Women simply do not get video games, at all," my mouth dropped open.
First of all, I am a woman, and secondly, I get video games! I was the one who just convinced my husband that Tony Hawk is one of the coolest Play Station games ever and that he had to find it for my stepson's birthday. Not only do I play games with my husband and stepson, I also love them!
I think the line, "Women simply do not get video games, at all," should read: "Neil simply does not get women, at all."
Neil's wife may be rolling her eyes when he discusses the video games with her because she probably can't believe all the extra time he has on his hands. I'd bet that if for a whole week Neil did all the dishes, and cooked and cleaned, he may find his wife off playing video games with his son and probably playing a heck of a lot better than him!
Time for a reality check.

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