Cecropia(TM), Creators of the World's First Filmgame, Attracts Highly Acclaimed Leaders to Advisory Board

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 2, 2006--Cecropia, innovators of the world's first filmgame, today announced that Kenneth J. Fedesna and Andrew Miller have joined the Cecropia Advisory Board. With over 30 years of executive leadership in the coin-op, gaming, communications, marketing and public relations industries, Ken and Andy will help guide Cecropia's launch of it's first filmgame, The Act(TM).
Kenneth Fedesna, the Co-founder and President of White Rabbit Game Studio, L.L.C., is a 30 year veteran of the gaming and coin-op industries. He previously served as the Executive VP of Product Development for Midway Games, Inc. a video game publisher, and as the Executive VP/ General Manager of Midway's coin-op division which designed and manufactured coin-operated games under the Williams, Bally, Midway, and Atari brand names. In addition, Ken co-founded and is President of Cashbox Games, Inc., a design and manufacturer of redemption and merchandising equipment for the coin-operated marketplace.
Andy Miller, founder and CEO of Miller Consulting, has more than 25 years as an information technology opinion leader, beginning with the founding of Miller Communications in 1977, one of the first firms to specialize in public relations for the IT industry. Prior to founding Miller Communications, Andy served in various editorial capacities at Little, Brown & Co. and the Associated Press, and as Associate editor of The Harvard Business Review. He also serves on the Advisory Boards of a number of emerging business and consumer technology companies.
The Act is a social interactive game that will appeal to a broader demographic than the typical videogame with it's unique story, high quality animation, addictive game play, and simplicity of play. The main characters of this romantic comedy, The Act(TM), are Edgar(TM) and Sylvia(TM). Edgar is a shy window-washer, who has always been unlucky in love. Players have to control the visual personality cues in the animated characters in order to move to the next level of the game. Cecropia's animators, all of whom are alumni of Disney Feature Film Animation Studios, animated this innovative personality-centric game. The launch plans for The Act will be announced shortly.
About Cecropia
Cecropia is based in Lexington, Mass. with studios in Orlando, Florida. Cecropia was established in 2001 by gaming entrepreneur Omar Khudari, co-founder of the game developer Papyrus Design Group. Cecropia's approach to interactive entertainment combines internally developed intellectual properties, traditional hand-drawn animation techniques, and unique game design and easy-to-use controls. The Cecropia team is comprised of creative and operations visionaries from Walt Disney Feature Film Animation, Pixar, DreamWorks and Blue Sky as well as video gaming industry veterans from Papyrus Design Group, Sierra On-line, Hasbro Interactive and Atari. Additional information about Cecropia can be found at www.cecropia.com.

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