ULTRAPIN Digital Pinball Machine -

UltraCade is now working on building the new UltraPin Digital Pinball Game, viewed and played at the recent March 2006 ASI Show in Chicago. Ultracade promises that the tables will look and play like a traditional pinball table, not an arcade machine, and from our short test on the prototype machine, which included several classic Williams and Bally pins, we think they may have a real winner here!They have licensed the Visual Pinball (VP) engine as a basis for the product, and UltraCade has stated it has obtained the rights to many "classic" pinball tables - UltraPin will include 12 classic pinball tables from both Williams and Bally Pinball, which are authentic in every detail... Popular titles should include Medieval Madness, Black Knight 2000, Pin-Bot, Eight Ball Champ, Attack From Mars, Firepower, F-14 Tomcat, Xenon, Strikes and Spares, Fathom, Funhouse and Sorcerer. The machine will feature a 32" 16:9 Plasma Monitor for table display, and the traditional Dot Matrix Display is replaced with a sharp-looking color LCD panel. Force feedback and digital sound reproduction for amazing realism. The machine is all digital so there are no moving parts to break or wear out - Buy Yours at The Game Gallery www.HomeGameRoom.com or call 1-800-966-9873

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