Video Games Live announces 'Gen Con' and 'Fan Con' concerts in Indianapolis and Toronto

Video Games Live today announced it has partnered with two of the biggest gaming conventions - Gen Con and Fan Expo - to present upcoming VGL shows in Indianapolis and Toronto.
Gen Con presents Video Games Live with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
August 11, 2006Indianapolis, IN, Hilbert Circle Theatre8pm Tickets on sale May 22nd
August 12, 2006Indianapolis, IN, Hilbert Circle Theatre8pm Tickets on sale May 22nd
"Gen Con is the mecca of hobby gaming enthusiasts," said the organisers. "These games range from card games, to board games, role-playing games, live action role-playing games, miniatures, computer games and more. Last year, more than 26,000 unique attendees experienced Gen Con Indy." The concert will be performed by the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, one of America’s leading orchestras and performed at the Hilbert Circle Theatre. The historic theater also featured leading entertainers of their eras, including Tommy Dorsey, Spike Jones, Frank Sinatra, Rudy Vallee, Glenn Miller, and Dizzy Gillespie among others. "Performing Video Games Live with such a distinguished orchestra, venue and convention only further legitimizes what Video Games Live means to the world of music," said VGL organisers. "We are continuing to spread the word city by city that video game music and video games are here to stay and can be appreciated by all."
Fan Expo presents Video Games Live at Massey Hall in Toronto
September 1st, 2006Toronto, Canada, Massey Hall8pm Tickets on sale tba. ”Video Games Live was the very first video game concert to perform in Canada last year (Vancouver),” says the VGL announcement. “In keeping with our tradition we are pleased to announce and present the very first video game concert in Toronto. On Friday, September 1, 2006, Video Games Live will be performing at the famous and historical Massey Hall in Toronto. Declared a "heritage" building during the 1970s, Massey Hall remains a vital part of Toronto's cultural and entertainment scene.
Fan Expo contains 5 events in one: Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Anime, Gaming & Horror. Fan Expo (formerly known as The Canadian National Comic Book Expo) has evolved into a spectacular multimedia event. In 2005 over 36,000 fans attended making it the third largest event of it's kind in North America. This year’s Fan Expo 2006 will take place from Sept. 1 - 3 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For more information visit www.videogameslive.com.

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