Inqlings | Dave & Buster's fetes centenarian at an extra special site

By Michael Klein
Inquirer Columnist
Back in 1981, when Dave Corriveau and Buster Corley were considering arcade games for their first Dave & Buster's funhouse in Dallas, they called on Sol Lipkin,known as the Shuffleboard King since he'd been in the business since 1934.
Lipkin, then 75, set them up with a few machines.
Over the last 25 years and 40-odd locations, the partners have had the salesman/talisman at every grand opening to explain the tabletop game to staff and patrons.
Saturday night, the partners flew in and gathered more than 175 friends and family at the Dave & Buster's on Penn's Landing for a 100th birthday party for Lipkin.
The twice-widowed Lipkin, who works a five-day week and gets around better than people half his age, was accompanied by his much younger girlfriend, Susan.
Though Penn's Landing happened to be the closest D&B's to Lipkin's Union, N.J., home, it is a venue with a special meaning. When Lipkin's mother brought him here in 1906 from his native England when he was 6 months old, they disembarked at Pier 19 North - the very location of Dave & Buster's.

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