Pinball is one of mankind's crowning achievements

After having played about 2 hours of pinball on my computer, I have one comment: Pinball is the greatest invention ever.
It has all of the necessary elements of something really cool: theme, action, it can keep your attention--and it just rocks.
Have you ever seen a pinball machine that didn't have a theme? Whether it be the '50s, Jurassic times or space, it always has a theme. With each theme comes new items, obstacles and rules for how many points you get for what.
I once saw an Elvis pinball machine. It had a jukebox, and when you hit it, it played an Elvis song. It also had a little pathway up a ramp, then around the entire machine, which put you almost right back where you started, but with added bonus points.
Pinball has action in many ways. You can't possibly play pinball and not factor in the ball--where it goes, where you want it to go, what kind of points you get from that and what it takes to get the high score.
Also, the lights and the different features of each individual machine keep it interesting. For example, when you hit the little light box thing on my computer, it opens a worm hole, and you sit there for a minute, then, of course, get bonus points.
Pinball is addictive. Unless you have limited funds or nagging parents, you could play pinball for hours. You always want to beat the top score.
Next time you get bored, see if your computer has pinball. If not, run down to the nearest arcade, quarters jingling madly in your pockets, and see if they have it. If not, better luck next time.
SARAH KEITH is a seventh-grader at Freedom Middle School.
Date published: 6/6/2006

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