A Push for Video Games at the Olympics

The founder of Global Gaming League hopes to bring gaming to the 2008 Olympics.
By Li C. Kuo Ted Owen, the chairman and founder of the Global Gaming League, wants to bring competitive gaming to the 2008 Olympics in China. According to CNN, Owen is trying to convince the Chinese government to make this happen. Apparently, Owen believes that showcasing competitive gaming in the Olympics will get more youths to tune in to the event. Over the past few years, ratings for the Olympics have been lagging. While Owen is encouraged by how talks are going with the Chinese government, he's yet to bring up the topic to the International Olympic Committee itself. There's no denying that Owen is facing an uphill battle. The IOC does not officially recognize competitive video gaming, and the committee isn't exactly a big fan of a hobby that encourages long bouts of physical inactivity. However, gaming is experiencing huge growth in Asia and is taken much more seriously there than it is in the states. Not only that, but if the IOC recognizes bridge, chess, and billiards, why not video games as well?

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