Ban Against Sexual/Violent Games Unconstitutional

Video Game Business Groups Will Get Over Half A Million Dollars Thanks To Ruling
(AP) SPRINGFIELD, Ill. Governor Rod Blagojevich says he has no regrets trying to ban violent or sexual video games despite a setback in federal court today.Judge Matthew Kennelly ordered this week that the state of Illinois pay more than $510,000 for the costs three business groups incurred in their successful fight over the Safe Games Illinois Act.Those pushing the measure argued exposure to games in which characters use violence or engage in sexual acts harms children.In December, Kennelly ruled the act was unconstitutional. He said the law would interfere with the First Amendment and that there was not a compelling enough reason to allow it to go into effect.Kennelly's ruling is being appealed, but Blagojevich spokesman Gerardo Cardenas says the state will pay the attorneys' fees.

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