Pinball Manufacturing Inc's remake of Big Bang Bar

Several buyers got a shock message recently. Their games had been built, shipped and were ready for collection.
Could it be some kind of joke? Surely it couldn't be true?
But it was no joke and four letters explain exactly why this happened - RoHS.
The new Reduction of Hazardous Substances law introduced across Europe on 1st July meant certain products containing dangerous materials such as lead would no longer be permitted to be imported into the European Union after that date.
Most firms have adapted their manufacturing processes to use lead-free components and construction materials such as solder but Pinball Manufacturing Inc were using existing Capcom board sets built using solder containing... lead. So the race was on to get those games destined for Europe shipped so they would arrive before the 1st July deadline.
The machines (believed to number 14) arrived in The Netherlands in time and were distributed around the country as well as Germany and Belgium over the following days So there we have it. They did it (or at least some of it) and completed a number of games, shipped them and delighted their unsuspecting new owners.
The remainder of the games will not be shipped until they have all been completed, but it's a real boost to the project and to those waiting patiently for their games to know there are a number of very satisfied customers who can testify to the quality of the product.
But if you're not one of the lucky ones to get their game, can you still play one?
Yes you can, because the Silverstone complex just outside Amsterdam also bought one and from August 16th 2006 it will form part of their Pinball Magic collection of pinball games open to the public. Thanks www.pinballnews.com

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