Do Violent Video Games Make You Kill People?

Scientists have tried everything to link violent video games to violent behavior with no actual scientific proof. If you remember the Columbine massacre, then you will remember the news speaking of how these two teenagers used to play violent video games all the time. The same could be said for aggressive behavior amongst younger kinds aged 9-13.
There must be some sort of link or the gaming companies wouldn’t bother to put an age restriction on video games.
I remember the violent video games of my time…”Mortal Combat” was considered gory and bloodthirsty. But in comparison with today’s video game 15 years later, “Mortal Combat” was more like a bedtime story!
But on the other hand, scientists have proven that the brainwave activity of a child playing “Need for Speed” is the same as an athlete training for a marathon! So there must be some good to playing!
"These two studies, plus other research on video game violence all point in the same direction," researcher Craig A. Anderson, PhD, from Iowa State University, says. "It's a direction that's not unexpected, because the effects of playing violent video games look to be very similar to the effects of lots of exposure to violent TV. Basically, kids who play a lot of violent video games are at risk for becoming more violent people."
Game over!

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