Nathan Jones Update, The Rock Speaks On Video Games

Story posted by Tim Brown on September 21, 2006
Remember Nathan Jones? For anyone wondering what's up with him lately, he's been getting praise in the media for his fighting roles in the new action movies The Protector and Fearless.
Reuters is running a short interview with The Rock in which he spoke on playing video games as a kid and promoted his new video game. Here's an excerpt from the article:"Atari was the coolest thing but before that I used to live in arcades. Every kid would hang out in arcades. There was this game called Dragon's Lair which was just amazing and I remember being 11 or 12 and being obsessed with that game. It just opened you up especially if you were a kid like me with this vivid imagination. I got reality and fantasy blurred often when I was a kid."As you probably know The Rock is starring in the new "Spyhunter: Nowhere to Run" game just released this month.

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