Pinball News on the Planned Croc Hunter Game

Posted by: James McGovern

When a famous and outgoing guy like "Croc Hunter" Steve Irwin passes, you know there must be a seemingly insurmountable list of loose ends to attend to as he and his efforts touched so many around the world. One such connection to Steve was the planned "Crocodile Hunter - Outback Adventure" pinball machine which was to be produced by the Pinball Factory under the recently aquired Bally name. Predictably, the unexpected loss of Steve Irwin has thrown the entire project into doubt with no official word as to whether or not it will proceed.According to Martin Ayub of the "First and Free" Pinball News, Pinball Factory owner Wayne Gillard has issued the statement, "We regret to inform the pinball community that Steve Irwin has died. Our Crocodile Hunter project is now on hold. We pass our thoughts onto Steve's family."

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